Acer Lumiread E-Book Reader

Acer has entered the reader business and has an overall very decent reader with the E-book reader Acer Lumiread at the start in collaboration with our site.

The Taiwanese have cribbed some of the successful concept of the Kindle and expanded the Lumiread with addons that create value. So, our tester had access to the online-shop of, the bookworms can browse a huge range of eBooks from the various categories.

Unlike as in the Kindle store, the reading is here mostly – but of course not exclusively – German-speaking and in the this country widely used EPUB format. Who found the right reading, can load directly to the reader. The connection to the store is established depending on the model either via Wi-FI only or also via the mobile network. You can then synchronize the content thanks to bundled software between computer and reader.

The Lumiread has the integrated ISBN scanner the bar code of printed books capture and search directly for the electronic version in the online shop allows you to most competitors require. Also the RSS reader that brings news in a form adapted to the reader on the screen knows how to please. The latter works with the reader for EBook-the most appropriate E-ink technology and represents sharp and high contrast texts; the switching times are very decent with just over a second.

Yet the Lumiread in terms of display quality Amazon’s Kindle 3 can enough water. Below the 6-inch screen, all controls are placed; There are separate buttons for turning. The QWERTZ or keypad is used for entering of book titles in the store or search terms in the E-book. In addition, passages in the text can be marked and also commented. The font size can be set in five stages, the line spacing is given however.

The outdoor mass here the reader is not recommended slightly long, read the good display is still really fun.