Acer Liquid MT in the First Check

The first impression of the Acer liquid MT is sobering: grab quality and ease of use are not at the expected level.

  1. Acer liquid MT in the first check
  2. Android and Acer UI

The main actors were actually different: on Tuesday evening Acer has unveiled a new desktop PCs, notebooks, Netbooks and tablets of course at a press event in Munich.

Lost a few smartphone models, who could we pick up briefly on the spot and a first picture of us worked in between.

The Acer had stoked with his announcement liquid increased expectations MT. The first impression was but sobering.

Battery cover and case front and bottom are apparently made of metal; the case makes a decent impression, but yet not so high quality acts like other smartphones with metal components.

With its curved design and the rounded edges, nestles MT that liquid comfortably in the Palm of the hand and can be operated easily with one hand.

The four sensor buttons below the screen vibrate briefly when they are pressed. Experience has shown that sensor buttons are more prone to mistakes than their mechanical counterparts, what are once confirms more also at the Acer Smartphone.

As operating system Android 2.2, Froyo alias is used, but not in its pure form, but with a user interface not to understand right off the bat by Acer.

Like the Acer Stream, Acer has also the liquid MT its in-house user interface Acer UI top placed, which average looking is not instantly and unnecessarily complicated makes the operation at least in the beginning.

So the Acer working UI using layers: pressing and holding the home button starts the widget mode, the user as with Android can place here usual about his favorite widgets for Facebook or the calendar.

In the main level, a two-part quick launch bar with eight direct links will be shown at the bottom of the screen. These can be vertically upwards pulled up, so fully emerges the main menu.

In the main menu in turn is wiped horizontally left and right, while the direct link from the Quick Launch toolbar always remain in the picture.

The status level is displayed by tapping on the reception bar, active applications, missed calls and network settings are displayed here.

To navigate within the levels work as a whole quite well; the 3.6-inch touchscreen reliable but not quite so quickly respond to finger input.

So this could not fully convince liquid MT in the first check; the housing is decent, the back metal enhances the look-and-feel. However, the Acer UI partially slows the pleasure, here Android in pure form perhaps would have been a better alternative.