A Study Says That a Little Alcohol in Pregnancy Is Not Bad

It is common to hear that “by drinking a drink once in a while it’s okay” and even “is worse for the baby the anxiety of the mother who drink a glass”.

Yesterday we talked about the coffee, and the recommendation not to exceed 2 cups daily, but there is a measure limit of alcohol that does not increase the risk of defects in the baby?, how much alcohol you can drink during pregnancy? Better nothing, not a drop.

Although the British authorities also recommend not drinking alcohol during pregnancy, it is worrying that has left a study conducted by the University College of London, which in some ways makes apology of alcohol during pregnancy. The researchers conclude that a slight amount (1 or 2 drinks per week) not raises the risk of the baby suffering from problems of conduct in the future. See Nonprofitdictionary for pregnant sweaters.

What is alarming is that this type of information can encourage pregnant women to drink alcohol as if it were harmless to the baby, “overall, nothing happens, a study says it”.

Refusing to a weekly drink is not so serious, especially if it’s your baby. It is not known for sure what amount of alcohol can affect the baby, it depends on the organism of each woman, the stage of pregnancy, among other things. Maybe two glasses in a woman not affected, while in another, average DRAM rages. A generalized measure cannot be recommended when it comes to a drug.

In addition, the study only speaks of problems of conduct but alcohol is also linked to other serious problems. It is the most common cause of mental retardation in the baby, malformations, may even develop alcoholism problems in children and increases the risk of leukemia. Not to mention of the Fetal alcoholic syndrome (SAF) in most charged cases.

Some doctors are of the opinion that an occasional consumption is not harmful. Each of which, at its expense and risk, but I think when in doubt it’s best to prevent. It is not so serious to make an effort for your baby.