A Pregnancy without Noise

It is amazing that a baby of just fourteen weeks of gestation can hear sounds coming from the outside. The ear is one of the first senses that completes its development in utero, around four months of pregnancy. Even before the birth the baby becomes a listener being.

When you hear the maternal voice or a relaxing music baby calms is, whereas if we expose it to loud noises, the baby is disturbed. Not only disntiguir can the maternal voice, paternal voice and familiar voices, but it shows predilection for female voices and especially for maternal with pregnant bras.

Being sensitive to sounds from the outside, we must start hearing the baby’s health care since it is in the womb.

The noise pollution is a fact of life, especially if we live in cities with heavy traffic near a highway or an airport. While the sounds get you baby cushioned by amniotic fluid, it continues to be worrying that strong environmental noises alter their tranquility within the warm womb.

It is not one minor issue. According to Juan Luis Leyton Meléndez, pathologist and Professor at the Andrés Bello University of Chile “those mothers who live in environments with high noise levels that exceed 80 decibels (large avenues, airports, metallurgical companies, etc.) have a high probability that their babies are born with some auditory deficit, attention deficit or hyperactivity. Therefore emphasizes currently create intense noise for mothers-free environments”.

Excessive noise during pregnancy can have consequences in the baby’s ear health and even trigger attention disorders. Would have to try to stimulate the baby with relaxing music and prevent exposed unnecessarily to environments with high noise throughout the pregnancy.