A Poncho and a Cup of Coffee

That 7 will be a large number will be already, but certainly is fulfilling what I said in the previous post, because that snow in Murcia is certainly quite an event.

I had to go to and can not see it, at least I have friends that have passed me photos… the truth is that Murcia has never been more beautiful.And speaking of which… this Sunday I was at the international tourism fair (Fitur) which takes place in Madrid and my friend Leandro and I we laughed saying that we were just surrounded by stands with the exotic countries of the world and we throw away two hours on the warm coast, but is that the Earth pulls much and has never known me better a cup of coffee Salzillo according to prozipcodes.com.

In the previous post I wrote two essential: the sueter-murcielago and ponchos. Now I taught the first os in the previous post and the second is that I bring today. I bought it in C & A and the truth is that it has been one of the best acquisitions, I wear it a lot. Now that we’re on sale it is good occasion to get one.

Regarding the sales, I’m not that waiting at the door to open the store, it is true that it is a good idea since it is the time which is everything tidy and find the best bargains, but it is superior to my strength, so I end up approaching the second, even third sales. And if you afraid to remove the garment that you liked so much and you were waiting for to be offering to buy it, you always have internet. In any case, what never changes are the five tips that always recommend so the head will not be you in this time of massive discounts and who spoke in this post last season, that you can readhere.

I leave brands and more photos here below (if you go with the direct link) and clicking below to the right in ‘View POST’ If you do it from the outside. Happy Monday to all!