A Healthy Pregnancy with Massages and Exercises

As we already told our colleague Elda, pregnancy massages collaborate in relieve discomfort that can result in pregnancy, such as backache and pain in the musculature in general, swelling of the legs and feet, cramps etc., are very helpful to deal with stress.

The massage is part of the work of the obstetric physiotherapist and you can show some images and information that we have found in the Hello Magazine in collaboration with a personal trainer of the Department of physical therapy Commit4fitness.com, Marta Jerez Sainz. Shows us how with the massages and some tips, that in addition to carry a pregnancy with less physical complications, help to stay in shape, a series of exercises and massages to women who have always been active and who are in their first trimester of pregnancy.

Among the objectives proposed by this expert is the realization of stretches, which will help to send the cramps mostly night.

Take care of your back and avoid some headaches joint needed to maintain good posture when carrying out tasks and even when walking, you shouldn’t let yourself be overcome by the weight of the casing causing muscle tension and consequences, dolores. A good preparation from the first month of pregnancy is the best weapon.

Massage-toning your pectoral muscles will help that after pregnancy and lactation, the chest look less affected, also will need to tone the neck and back muscles that will maintain an upright posture and take care of the skin on the breasts, which will have to suffer the increased volume and its strife.

Another important point of care is gut, whose interior will house your expected baby, the transverse of the abdomen muscles must be strong to hold their weight, also collaborate in conserving a comfortable and beautiful belly.

Obstetric physiotherapists who perform this type of therapies also teach exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor, Kegel exercises, truly recommendable.

We recommend you read the full article on Hello.