A Giant Galaxy S7 Invades Moscow, and Soon Madrid

Walking through the Centre of Madrid during the weekend could see a huge sign announcing the installation of a Samsung Galaxy S7 enormous. It is not alone in Europe, because during the weekend has appeared one similar in Moscow, so large that your pictures are scouring social networks and websites specializing in Android.

This enormous advertising construction is located on the side of a building of the Moscow District of Sokol. It measures 80 meters in height and is 40 meters wide, most of them occupied million LED lights Why go by promotional pictures of the top range of Samsung smartphone.

It was built next to the road that connects the center of the Russian capital to the international airport Sheremetyevo, an artery of Moscow that is estimated that 800,000 people circulate daily. Ensure that your message be seen from more than two kilometers away.

Of Madrid, however, will be in the plaza de Callao, on the north face of the building housing the shop FNAC, a transit zone for tourists and residents between Gran Vía and the Puerta del Sol. I remember that poster of work already announced their large magnitudes and inches that will have your screen.

Does not seem to be very willing to leave their rivals eat in Samsung its already on its huge market share and will be squeezing this duo Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge that is giving such good results in terms of sales volume.