A Diet High in Fats in Pregnancy Program Obesity in Children

They are various studies aimed at choosing foods high in fats in pregnancy predisposes children to prefer them also after birth.

It is becoming more evident than those who eat throughout the months of gestation has a direct influence on the health of our children. In that sense, an experiment conducted with rats by researchers at Rockefeller University has discovered a fact that could be connected with the large increase in obesity over the past years.

Exposure to a diet high in fats in the uterus It produces changes in the brain of the baby that whet the appetite raising the risk of that is suffering obesity in the first years of life.

Researchers at militarynous.com have concluded that:

The offspring born to mothers who ate a fatty diet ate more, even after that was eliminated this diet when they are born, they weighed more throughout his life and they began before the age of puberty than those born to mothers who drank the diet balanced by the same period of time.

The study demonstrates how affects the diet of the mother in a greater production of producing neurons of peptides in the offspring, that stimulate appetite and keep this preference throughout life.

Confirm the same brain mechanism in humans, we could say that we are programming from pregnancy to our children to be obese.