90s Makeup Tips

Make up the years’ 90, all the tips and products for a perfect ninetines look: from gloss, preferably fruit, passing by the black pencil to the inner rim of the eye, the Brown lipstick, return all trends beauty that characterized that fabulous period!

Here beautypically.com will provide you with some tips on how to make up perfectly. The make up the years’ 90 back to prominence, but current twist. Brilliant textures, transparent and revert “aquatic” finish for eyes, lips and nails, but all in a modern version, without the effect long-lasting sticky gel with metallic touches. The make up returns to shine with the help of glitter and eye shadow is colored with a single silver tones. Concentrated on look sparkling only along the teal, creating a thin line of eyeliner with glitter silver for a look ninetines!

Autumn-winter 2015/2016 proposes eye shadows shimmering gold, silver, blue and emerald green, which today are more fluid and less syrupy than then and blend perfectly with your skin. Nude lip effect is accentuated with chocolate Brown lipsticks : choose a lipstick matte finish or add, to be even more cool, a light touch with a coat of clear lip gloss in the center of the lips and blush tone-on-tone that emphasizes his cheeks in perfect style ninetines.

Among the Foundation choose the light, almost evanescent, eye color or slightly darker skin tones; then use a little mascara and lip gloss. Learn how to enhance them the best eyebrows because they are the protagonists of the face and focus attention on the look: in the years ‘ 90 the top were those thin to Pamela Anderson in Baywatch! How to achieve this effect? With pencils and powders specifications and using a fixative transparent gel or the same color of your eyebrows to create fake disheveled. The black pencil back to be the must-have of the moment: onto the inner rim under the eye and, with a fine brush, lightly shaded stretch on the lower eyelid.If you love the grunge look more intensified the stretch with black pencil on the lower eyelid.Discover the best make up 90 years in the gallery!