9 Essential Ingredients in a Girls Movie

There are few things in life that we like more than a good movie for girls. If add it a white chocolate terrine, a blanket and a late rain, I tell you no longer (Yes, that is a stereotype, but…!)What topic, Ladies!). Rizando the loop of the ultimate cinematic pleasure, It would be via whatsapp to discuss it with our friends. The good, the best. But, would have clear what movies are girls and what movies do not? We will see the ingredients needed.

9 Essential Ingredients in a Girls Movie

A handsome guy that falling in love

This may sound very superficial, I know. But make no mistake… If in Pretty Woman, to Edward interpreted it John Goodman, It would seem a dirty pimp. Things such as mysteryaround.

A normal girl that identify

If the female protagonist is too pretty or too perfect in any sense, We will not identify with her and the supposed movie of girls will be damaged us a little. Not need to be a (wonderful) disaster type Bridget Jones; rather type Anne Hathaway Always in the same day is perfect (except for the part that happens a truck over, clear).

A wise best friend

Our friends are great, all, without exception. But, would like who joined his life to a Kit de Luca (Pretty Woman) prohibiting us to kiss with tongue or a Frenchie (Grease) that make us the holes in your ears? Okay, perhaps I have not chosen the best examples, but… captáis the concept, right?

A famous phrase to remember forever

The «I will not allow anyone you corner» (ayyyaaayyyyyyyaayyyy, suspirito) of Dirty Dancing is the absolute top in this section. There are even t-shirts. But we have many more: the “To me, you are perfect” cardboards of Love Actually; The «I’m just a girl, in front of a guy, asking to it» Notting Hill; and even the simple «ID» Ghost… either serves to get to fly with its mere mention.

Music that sing loudly

This would be perfect to play a Trivial musician-film with friends (you do not quejéis of I don’t give good) ideas for parties). What sounded while they molding the vase in Ghost? Unchained Melody, of the Righteous Brothers. What is the song from the end of officer and gentleman? Up Where We Belong, Joe Cocker. What movie will always identify with? Love is All Around, Wet Wet Wet? Four Weddings and a funeral. And so, to infinity.

Good, beautiful and (not) cheap rags

“We’re going to spend a indecent amount of money and we need more people making us the ball”. Remember that concept, right? Take a look at any of the two editions of sex in New York and it will seem to you that Vivian It was actually buying in Primark. The parade of outfits that looks Carrie does that legs all, for little fans that we are to fashion shake us.

A dot of humor

No humor, no round movie, we are not stupid and all want to laugh. This “almost me meo taste in panties / music of» La Traviata intoxicates it», the nonsense of Goose (RIP) in Top Gun, the mitiquisima Blue soup Bridget Jones’s diary or the dance of the Prime Minister Hugh Grant Love Actually are just some examples of scenes that all repeat over and over again with our friends.

Insured tears

Yes, Yes, is not that you contradict me with the previous point. Is that laugh a lot like us, but cry… cry also has its. If this were not the case, no one would see the journal of Noa or PostScript: I love you, possibly the two saddest movies ever the film female (at least until I come before you to destroy the waterproof mascara).

Happy ending

Happy ending, mythical song in the background and Kiss remove hiccup. That is what we want, friends. Happy and I would even say that a little heroic. The (at last!) Ike and Maggie’s wedding in the meeting, runaway bride of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at the top of the Empire State Something to remember or even that car flying in Grease (who cares, this has already gone us hands!). Those finals. Those.

Sure that you have all your favorite girls and not movies necessarily will have these nine characteristics, but they must at least meet half or they may not pass the filter. No movie is so perfect to meet all them… One minute… Yes, Love Actually them meets all. Love Actually is God.