70’s Hippie Fashion Influence Today

Fashion, an eternal? This spring, it’s the hippie influence that is needed: jeans flare dresses XXL, embroidery, flowers, and die tye or offset bloom. So for 2008 what should we really stung in the 1970s?

The Bell Bottoms jeans ‘

Indisputable symbol of the baba era, the ‘eph paw”is often confused with its close cousin and current successor, the flare jean. It must be said that these two have an air of family… A small air only, because unlike its ancestor, the flare better balance the silhouette; Noting the size and expanding gradually from the bottom of the buttocks (and not the knees) to the feet, that completely covers it. In the eyes of a slim, little difference between the two jeans yet, the flare, him, we wasted easily 5 kg so adopted illico, preferably raw or coloured, clear smart or funky version for the summer. The leg of eph, the real, is if you have a physique that lends itself to (long legs too thin, or too strong) and falling on the hips (Yes, Yes, here the size bass that is allowed!).

The long dress

Big season, dresses must stretch to infinity and go up to touch the ground when above, they discovered a good deal of cleavage… Still a silhouette which reminds the 70 but how to adapt? Everything will be 1 / avoid the total look Woodstock by choosing a United fabric rather than ultra flowery and blurring the slopes with a small leather jacket or props funny or staggered, 2 / keep a semblance of silhouette emphasizing fluid contents, a marked chest (empire waist, neckline V) and a good loose fit. We can why not choose her dress one size too big but beware of air currents: outside the range we think short vest who dress wonderfully our bare clavicles.


No, the hook is not good to have to do the cache-boob Loana and Baby Slippers! In 2008, we adopt it as even imagine it, in vest, but reviewed and corrected by nimble fingers that does not ignore the extreme influence of Kate Moss in the way we dress. It’s time to break out the needles to knit and to ask Grandma a little remedial accelerated option sleeves puffed ¾, big buttons and embroidery classes to brighten.

The belt

Essential accessory to any hippie self-respecting (tolerance limits, shit), the belt in the 1970s was falling, as poised on the hips and still enough freedom of movement. In 2008 she is tight more high but keep the same utility: structuring the silhouette and do pot. A reflex fashion (I love my fake expressions) to adopt emergency on a blouse, a shirt or dress shirt.

The offset

Maxi-ampleur and over-length force, we try to take the high ground. To do this, we follow the steps of our dear mothers by adopting the platform sandals, sole platform in Liège or braided straw (rather than wood: nice but heavy to wear).

The tye & die

Surprise! This atypical dyeing system resurfaced this summer in our wardrobes! If the tye die and remember the (bad) 90, he actually 70’s date and if at that time one experimented it all the sauces (and with this turquoise, you will take a little pink glow?), this summer the withholding is required: Yes to the tye & die but in sober colors, never more than 3 tones at the same time and more subtle gradient in flowers psychedelic new age which give harm to the skull.


The Indian scarf of the 70’s is not far either. The Keffiyeh with the headband, stuffs tips are displayed proudly around the neck and hair, for the more adventurous. Then worn across the forehead or privateer way, tie back.

And what do you think of the return of the 70’s for this spring? Pleasing or disappointing? A must to get? Deadlocks to be expected? Viendez discuss!