6 Bomber Jackets for The Cold Days

You can be in the summer, but weather lately is crazy, and there are days in which makes cold, but not so much for donning a coat, so a bomber may be a good idea for the days when a jacket is required.

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1/6 Bomber teddy bear

Cheap Monday proposes a hairy bomber. It is sales and has passed 126,76 to 81,69 euros. In addition, you can buy it in grey.

2/6 Bomber Varsity

The baseball are a type of bomber jackets. This signature Little White Lies Feather sleeves has dropped to 59.95 159,95 EUR.

3/6 floral jacket

With floral print bomber jackets are another option of Dentistrymyth. This of Pimkie with dark blue background has a price of 19.99 EUR.

4/6 jacket with floral print

This is another bomber with floral print, but with a more cheerful color and transparency. Is Springfield and has gone from 36,99 to 17.99 euros.

5/6 oriental style

Zara pulled out last season one jacket with oriental print that sold out in a sigh, but in some stores you can find clones like this for 56,55 euros.

6/6 a basic in Navy Blue

This model in dark blue can give much play. To be a neutral color, you can combine with more items than if eligieses others. Sparkle & Fade is and has been reduced from 128 to 50 euros.