6 Benefits In to Practice the Lessons of Chi Kung

Practice lessons of Chi Kung allows the management of harmonious energy, with all the physical and mental benefits that it brings. Find out everything about the topic.

About Chi Kung

Arose in ancient China and as a practice eminently holistic, practice the lessons of Chi Kung brings benefits to the health, for the development of internal strength, to self-knowledge and help the potential spiritual development.

The Chi Kung is based on a reading of the universe that contemplates the existence of a series of forces that generate and influence all that exists and that are in constant interaction.

Currently, millions of people participating in regular classes of Chi Kung as a sport for maintaining health.

However, its potential reaches other areas such as the practice of martial arts routines and meditation.


Body, soul, and mind. As all subjects in chinese, Chi Kung enhances benefits at various levels. Check out which.

  1. Allows us to control better breathing: Thanks to the inspiration and expiration are performed in a correct way, the blood circulation activates in such a way that, when oxigenarmos better, the body adapts positively to the conditions exposed. Is the main advantage, since it helps to meditate and to take the right decisions;
  2. The circulatory system is active and the pumping of the blood flow will be improved;
  3. The heart rate low, enabling a state of relaxation;
  4. Prevents osteoporosis, in addition to benefit the nervous and immunological system, due to the work of the elasticity of both muscles such as the tendons;
  5. Strengthening of the digestive system and endocrine system, thanks to a higher input of oxygen;
  6. With the increase of the sense of well-being, it also improves your posture in the face of the life, allowing that to become a person more optimistic.


Learn five basic exercises so you can practice Chi Kung in the house.


Here allows you to combine the movement and the breathing, reason by which requires concentration.

  1. At the same time that breathes, stretch your arms and lean in, so that if to relax both arms as the legs and the back.


This exercise will also work on the breathing and coordination.

  1. Consists in raising the arms slowly lifting, and to end the fiscal year expiring and, at the same time, lowering the arms.
  2. The knees should remain semi-flexed, but the back must be always straight.


  1. This time, you should breathe in through your nose, raising your arms and taking them to the top of the head.
  2. Then, while breathing out through your mouth, lower your arms driving them to the front.


  1. Standing with the feet apart to shoulder width apart and legs slightly flexing. The long column, the shoulders and arms relaxed.
  2. Look forward and feel the weight of the body. Imagine your feet are roots, and search for the feeling of growing up and down.
  3. Feel two opposing energies. Breathe slowly with the abdomen relaxed.


  1. Inhale and float the right arm with the palm of the hand facing up and at the same time turn the left palm down.
  2. The arms should be slightly flexed during the exercise. Make a small rotation of the arms.
  3. Press the feet against the floor and feel the muscles to stretch more and more.