5 Things You Absolutely Need for the iPhone 7

Almost half a year is already on the market, the iPhone 7. And it was already before its presentation last fall for some discussions worried. Everything somehow wireless, no more jack plug, high-gloss black. Here are five things you need as an owner of an iPhone 7.

5. Pigeon Ears

It’s not bad to buy an iPhone. Even if your friends with Hang to Android smartphones see the different. You get annoying comments? Switch to passage rather than justify. Everyone the phone he likes. Very easily. Therefore, our tip: Let meck-heads fall on deaf ears. Because you like your iPhone 7. And by the way: controversies revive relationships. For example, the love Between Android Fan And Iphone Trailer according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.

4. Cleaning cloths against fingerprints

It’s nice to see this iPhone in diamond black. High-gloss, pitch black, a gem among the Applehandsets. Somehow. If only there were not the painful fingerprints. You can have your iPhone disappear in a protective cover. But who sees his Look? Better: Cleaning Cloths, With Which You Can Quickly Remove Fingerprints From The Rich Black Housing.

3. Mobile Filling Station Powerbank

In view of the more powerful hardware and additional functions through iOS 10 and 3D Touch, the battery has to perform quite well. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, but also in general, the charge capacity on the iPhone 7 is rather small. Although Apple gives up to 14 hours Internet use with WLAN, but of what use do we speak? Messenger, video chat? Forget this with the 14 hours again. If you are on the road, you should get a Powerbank.

2. Headphone Adapter

Then She Had Disappeared, The Good Old Latch. The Iphone 7 is modern, it comes naturally without this obsolete technology.Instead, it relies on wireless technologies such as the AirPods to be connected via Bluetooth. You have not and also no wireless headset? You’re dependent on the phone? Then do not forget for the sake of the headset adapter! Otherwise, your headphones are useless and you have to go back to the included EarPods-if you have the thereby.

1. A Samsung Galaxy S7 (or S8)

No Latch, Grease Spots And The Battery Is Always Empty. Do Not Be So Easy with your iPhone 7. And then you suddenly get great cupcakes in the Android format. Good, the frosting is green, but they are so delicious. What now? Buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 as a practical supplement if your iPhone needs a break. Or holiday.  You’d rather have something new? The Samsung Galaxy S8 is in the starting holes .

Fun Aside: Tips To The Conclusion

Matt black is the motto.

The iPhone 7 makes a good figure overall and has a high entertainment and usage factor. The omission of the jack can make the purchase of Bluetooth headphones meaningful, in order to load the mobile phone via Lightning if necessary. Whether this is actually required depends on your personal usage behavior.

As for fingerprints, shiny dark surfaces are predestined for it. I myself have a matt black iPhone 7. This clearly visible fingerprints at most on the display a topic. And I wipe them off regularly. As far as the recharge time is concerned, the difference between the plus model and the small brother is quite measurable. But here, too, the following applies: It depends on individual use. And in case of doubt, the current saving mode has proven itself. Or just a Powerbank.