5 Ideas of Hairstyles With Braids

For all tastes and for all occasions, the hairstyles with braids re-invent themselves all the days that the limitations do not exist.

5 Ideas of Hairstyles With Braids

Are different hairstyles that range from the most romantic and discreet to bold and fun.

The hairstyles with braids are perfect to give a different touch to the hair and the options are so many that will not be bored for sure during the next few months.

If you have more time to bet on a option more elaborate, but if it is a day more hasty, so also have the options to put into practice in two minutes.

Whether for a feast day or to a day-to-day work, has ideas for all tastes.

Try it out!



A small crown on the back of the head, which is one of the hairstyles with braids most romantic and elegant.

Very simple to make and very elegant, it is always a good option for those who like to have the back free and all the hair well caught.

  1. Comb well your hair back and down you divide it into two equal parts
  2. Take the left half and attach the other to these hair not atrapalharem
  3. Grab a strand from the front and start making the braid, inserting the few wicks of that has gotten loose
  4. When the entire left half of the hair is braided, fasten with a rubber band
  5. The braid must have been slightly loose, mainly in the part more inside
  6. Repeat the process for the other side
  7. Take the braid on the right side, fold the end inside and take it up to the left side, fastening with hooks
  8. Take the braid on the left side and pass it over the top of another, taking it up to the right side
  9. Fold the end inside and fasten also with hooks

The coke is of demo, more classic, but here it gains a new life and a new interest. With a braid in the middle, it becomes quite fun and stylish, and can be an option for even the most special occasions and more formal.

But, of course, if you choose to give you a touch more laid back can also be perfect for any work day!

  1. On the front, including the bangs, take a portion of hair
  2. Start making a braid embedded side, but always taking it and building it toward the opposite side
  3. Continue to braid until you reach the end of the hair and secure with an elastic band
  4. Begin winding the braid into a bun
  5. Attach some hooks

Easy, easy, easy! If the way to the hairstyles is not your forte, or if patience is not much, so this is one of the best options among the hairstyles with braids to try out!

Very simple and fast to practice, this crown braided is truly beautiful and ideal for the hot days.

Both can use for special occasions such as the day-to-day.

  1. Divide the hair in half
  2. Attach one of the parties to which do not disturb while working in another
  3. Make a braid on the left side, starting at the nape and ensuring it is tight and no loose wires. Secure with an elastic at the end
  4. Repeat the same for the other side
  5. Take one of the braids and bring it up to the top of the head, pinning with hairpins
  6. Take the braid on the other side and do the same, but pinning on top of the other braid so that they do not see the hooks or tips

If you prefer hairstyles with braids that are more simple and discrete, this is a tip that you can put into practice.

Elegant, but with a touch that marks the difference, this tiara twisted is very simple to do.

  1. Take a piece of hair thin (the thickness that you choose is one with which the tiara will stay) in the height of the ear and secure the rest of the hair
  2. Make a braid with this hair piece and, when you reach the end, secure with an elastic band
  3. Comb all the hair back because the tiara will work in the background like a tape
  4. Pass the braid over the top of the head to the other side and secure it with a hook

Forget the ponytails traditional and bet on do in a different way and more bold to give a different touch to the look. This is an idea quite simple.

  1. Take the hair in a ponytail at the top of the head and secure with an elastic band
  2. Pass a lock of hair in the back so that the elastic is not seen and secure with a hook underneath
  3. Take a piece of hair caught up and start making a braid as normal, but only two or three braided
  4. Then start making a braid built until you reach the end of the hair
  5. Secure with an elastic band