5 Ideas For T-Shirts For Bachelorette Parties

Is it time to celebrate the wedding of one of your best friends?Are you in charge of organizing your farewell and do not know where to start?In Impact 33 we make it a little easier giving you 5 ideas of shirts for bridal showers that will make this great day a night to remember.

1.- A t-shirt for friends: our friend is getting married, we are not

If in your group of friends and invited to the wedding you do not want to give up the idea of ​​disguising the bride; A good idea for you to be identified as your companions is to wear a T-shirt with a funny message where the protagonists are you, like the image.

2.- A touch friki: the wedding is coming

If the bride is a faithful follower of the Game of Thrones series, what better way than to play with the motto of the Stark house? From The Winter is coming , we get ” The Wedding is coming ” ( wedding is coming ).To us it seems a funny idea, but surely you will come up with many other ideas to adopt a similar design in some other hobby of the bride.

3.- For the fairy tales: and red color … to be single is over

This design is ideal whether you are looking for a simpler model or if you want to treat your friend like a real princess who is finally getting married. As you can see, custom t-shirts are perfectly suited to both more complex designs (with different typographies, images …) and simpler ideas of text and icons.

4.- For skeptics: marriage is the first cause of divorce

On the opposite side, we find a more thundering idea. If you are one of those who want to play with the idea that marriage is a mistake, you will surely have infinite jokes that you can put on your shirts of bachelorette .Of course, we do not doubt that you are happy about the wedding.

5.- To give a touch of humor: Bachelorette party – 99% faithful

And finally, if you want to look for an original t-shirt for the bride , why not play with the idea of ​​singles?For lovers who leave behind, until there is no wedding, there will always be a minimum of hope, even if it is only 1%.

What else do I need?

If you have already decided what message you want to print on your shirts for the bachelorette party, you already have the most complicated.You just need to decide:

1.- T-shirt model: Do you want to wear a T-shirt with short sleeves or suspenders?Round neck or V-shaped neckline).Browse our section of women’s t-shirts and decide the model.

2.- Color of the shirt.The pastel colors and the warm colors go very well for this event, as they attract attention, but they do not rob protagonism neither the letter nor the image.

3.- Stamping .How do you want to stamp the shirt?You should know that in addition to screen printing, you can also choose to do something different and more resistant, such as embroidery or rhinestones.

Remember that in Impact 33 we have everything you need for your shirts and make the hen party a success.