43% of The Smartphones Sold in The Last Quarter Are Android

Which have a time following the blog you know that we like to discuss market data that eventually provide us firms like ComScore, Nielsen or StatCounter. Margin of error separately their reports are good thermometers to see How is the mobile market and all conclude the same thing: Android sweeps.

However such studies always tend to refer to United States and many times we are left with the desire to see data of Spain or at least in Europe. This time no talk of such territories in particular but if we will do it at the global level and the conclusion is the same: Android destroys all.

According to the Gartner Agency during the second quarter of 2011 sold 46,775 million smartphones with Android, or what is the same: a 43.4% of the total. If we take into account that next on the list is Symbian with a 22.1% and then iOS with 18.2% the difference is quite important.

If we look at the manufacturers we can see how Nokia leads the list of manufacturers of mobile (including smartphones) with 97,869 million terminals followed by 69,827 Samsung and LG with 24,420. Quite respectable figures, but in this case must be take with tweezers because the three aforementioned companies manufactured both smartphones and mobile phones, if I allow the expression, currents.

How has Android these three months developed?

Okay, we have the data on the table and they are good, really good. However to better understand this information We are going to put it in contrast with the results of the first quarter of 2011 according to Gartner.

As you can see in the image Android has grown 7.4% or what is the same: in the second quarter have been sold more than ten million androids than in the first quarter. The main victim of this growth is the operating system of Nokia who has seen how has gone from a 27.4% to 22.1%, or what is the same, 4 million of smartphones less.