4 Tips For Great Photos With The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Better pictures with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha: the resolution of the main camera of the Galaxy Alpha moves with 12 MP the value after only in the current Samsung smartphones of the year 2014 – yet you can shoot good photos with you. We will tell you a few useful tips, so that your photos look more professional.

Right To Use HDR Mode

In hindsight, the HDR mode allows you to compensate for different lighting conditions on a photo. If you photographed, for example, a scene in which a part is very well lit, while another in the dark is located, you can compensate by using the HDR mode. The camera takes in a row several pictures to, to merge them afterwards to a photo. Therefore, it is important that you keep very quiet the Smartphone in HDR mode. In addition, the HDR mode should be used for best results only in the open air. To use the HDR mode you have to go on the home screen first on the “menu”-icon, and then tap the camera icon. Now, at the edge of the display, you can choose the HDR mode.

4 Tips For Great Photos With The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Insert The Selective Focus

The selective focus of Samsung Galaxy Alpha works on a similar principle as HDR mode: the camera takes several pictures, so that afterwards you can focus on an object in the picture. Thus the background is represented blurred, giving a professional look to the photo. Opens the “menu” and then tap the camera icon. Then selects the icon for selective focus that is located at the top of the screen and is the second icon from the right.

Seek Closeness To The Subject

A basic tip for good shots: Always as close as possible approaches to the subject. By zooming many pictures look even with the Galaxy Alpha grainy at the end, which is why people should find the proximity to the object. Tried different angle and only presses on the shutter button, if you really like the result.

Effects In The Shot & More Mode

The camera app for the Samsung Galaxy alpha offers you a series of effects that you can provide the photos. First open the “menu”, tapping the camera icon and then click “Mode”. There you can choose the so-called “shot & more mode”. Now the camera captures multiple images; then the available effects appear you, for example, “Best face” or “Drama recording”. If you like the result, you can save the photo on the floppy disk icon.


  • Uses the HDR mode via “menu |” Camera | HDR mode”, when shooting in the free brightness to compensate for
  • With the selective mode under “menu |” Camera | Selective mode”you can move the focus afterwards you
  • Approaches as close as possible to the subject
  • Uses the effects, the you the camera of the Galaxy Alpha under “menu |” Camera | Mode | Shot & more”is available