24 Combinations With Polo Shirt (And Where To Buy)

The polo shirt generates enough conflict between men: there are some who think a dull clothes and typical of most guys, and there are those who consider the stylish and ideal model to balance comfort and elegance. However, regardless of your opinion of the piece, every man should have at least a polo shirt in the closet to casual days at work or for unusual combinations with other garments.

To understand why we are talking about it, it’s worth knowing the history of this piece: she appeared in mid-1926, when the tennis player Rene Lacoste decided to adapt the traditional dress of the players. At the time, they wore a long-sleeved shirt with hard collar and tie.

In a game of tennis, Lacoste came up with a jumper short-sleeved white cotton collar. Then, of course, the play made great success among the tennis players and spread around the world.

We selected a few suggestions of how to use your polo shirt in the Office and in the more casual moments. Switch on:

For The Office

Casual day at the Office – or in work environments whose freedom of clothing is more wide-you can (and should) put on a polo shirt to keep the air Professional without losing the comfort. I’ve explained that you need to be aware of the length of the sleeves and shoulder drape to not stay with that aspect of pumped from academia. Mess this up, especially in the Office, will cause the opposite effect and you provide a wrong image.

The polo shirt combines with all kinds of pants but to work, our suggestion is that you choose fabrics.

White Polo

The white polo shirt is more classic and easy to combine. To make a more minimalist style, take a chance on a dark jeans. The black with white contrast will make you look a lot more stylish and, to avoid that negative image that we’ve talked about previously, avoid pieces with phrases written on the back.

Did you notice that in none of the examples above the shirt was inside the pants? This tip is for those who want to seem more stripped instead of strengthening the image of “man from the suburbs” shirt.


There are several examples of polo shirt with stylish and fun prints. You can choose basic models running from tacky giant logos image and phrases in English. Not to miss, opt for stripes and by a combination of colors in geometric designs and run of parts with huge numbers on the sleeve.

These templates are ideal to combine with jeans or denim shorts.


Despite being a polo shirt classic model, to create a more modern image with the composition and the right choice of parts. Above, for example, the following shirts neutral tones, but all design is more futuristic: straight strokes and geometric shapes.

To adapt to your style, you can override the polo shirt with a synthetic fabric Jacket and dark pants. Feet, sneakers or shoes Polish.

Contrast Of Neutral Tones

Like we talked about earlier, you can modernize the classic use of the polo shirt in choosing the model. There are several options on the market with simplistic prints. You do not need and, in fact, nor should it, cling to the shades of cream into pieces with little creative design if they don’t do your style. You can go to work with a formal look without having to give up your style.