Month: October 2017

Fashion and Jewelery from France

Now that we have it, the spring, I can finally realize an idea that has haunted me for a whole time. I would like to start a little blog series, where I take you on a journey that takes us to our European neighbors and to other corners of the world. For in spring, the desire for something new awakens in us. Curiously, we are going on exciting paths, letting us in on trends and have much better mood for the season. We are much more outside and want to leave the old winter bog behind us as soon as possible. Most of us will use spring cleaning to get rid of the wardrobe. And since empty stains in the closet do not make good, we fill up with new clothes again. Away from trends that come and go, there are also trends or styles that remain. These are not infrequently inspired by certain cultures. Famous example: France. The home of haute couture and good food. And since both are inseparably united in France, I dedicate today’s blog to French fashion and to conclude there is also a recipe for delicious French food obendrauf. It will be elegant, chic and sweet.

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Accessories that Make the Difference

Yesterday you saw in my Urges (if not seen follows @vanduarte there) I, Carol Farina of Carol Farina and Mari from the Closet of Mari were meet the summer collection of Rosana Mattua.

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Learn How to Combine Colors

In decoration, the first step is to choose the colors of a space well. So first we choose a color that will be the basis of our decor, and based on it, with the help of the wheel of color (or chromatic circle) we will know with what colors associate it and give it personality.

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Stockholm-925 Cufflinks Produced in Sweden

Today, we take a step away from jackets, shoes and ties and instead look at an area that receives relatively little attention here on the Manolo. It is one of man’s most prominent accessoarval namely the cufflinks. We met Erik Åberg; The CEO of Swedish Medal and the man behind 925 STOCKHOLM. A collection of cufflinks in 925 sterling silver produced in Sweden.

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Engagement Rings and Alliances

The year 2017 is almost here, and with it new stages of our life and new paths to take, and for many means commitments and marriages, decisions that are not taken lightly and less with any ring.

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Models Women’s Bags Wages

If you are looking for quality and ultra modern design to compose your day-day looks, the brand of Women’s Handbags Salaries is in the market precisely to meet your expectations. And for demanding women, there are styles that really match.

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Coral Jade: Is It Worth It?

Good morning to all lovers of fashion, designers, stylists and also to lovers of jewelry and accessories. As always, a new Tuesday, a new story. The summer season has begun, and I remembered that I have not been to the sea in a long time. And most importantly, I have never been to scuba diving and I have not studied the seabed. And what about you? Have you had that experience? In the near future, I would like to try it. And in relation to this dream, an image comes to my head of one of the most expensive materials and is coral jade.

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Google Maps Navigation

Now, Google even knows where it’s going – at least, if you lead an Android phone with the free Google Maps Navigation to the destination.

And still the Google navigation is likely conquered in the long term an the piece of the market, even if the spread of Android smartphones is not as far advanced.

Now also in Germany

Google has launched the navigation service setting on the Google maps earlier this year, but initially only in the United States. The service now also in Germany is available since June, the software can be loaded via the Android market. About their own icon to get direct access to the target input and can start navigating with just a few clicks.

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Benchmark DAC1 USB D/A Converter

If other, more expensive DACs, about serving as reference Naim DAC, had the benchmark DAC1 USB (1300 Euro) slightly ahead, then it was on the one hand this depth, on the other hand the ability to the music even more momentum and life to breathe

  1. Benchmark DAC1 USB D/A converter
  2. Data sheet

The benchmark DAC 1 does the rack ears to decorating, but comes directly from the Studio world. Its sophisticated equipment brings but also HiFi fans on creative ideas: the compact unit replaced D/A converter, headphone amplifier and preamp – the latter even with balanced outputs. The 1300 Euro price are not cheap, but the equivalent in stable housing is enormous.

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