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High Collar Winter Coat

The coldest season of the year has begun and with it we are about to face low temperatures-always, of course, with a lot of attitude and style. And this winter, in particular, a trend was present in fashion weeks and promises to be the bet of the most tuned: turtlenecks!

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Looking for a Gift for Women, Which Is Help Make Nicer? Get Inspired!

Each of us wants to be more beautiful, more attractive, more sexy and irresistible. Now this may all of us very well helping a well-chosen lingerie. And now we are not entirely meant that we wear every day to work or school, rather one that you dress in the evening, for our partners, we want to seduce.

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MSI Wind U160 Tested

MSI the wind U160 will dominate with endurance. Can the NetBook for 349 euro duping the competitors?

By 15 hours continuous operation life away from the socket, wind U160 was read in the press release of the MSI. That would be a record-setting performance even for a NetBook, although mobile computer with extreme stamina in this category are by no means rare. Because the U160 the cheapest version we tested costs also just 349 euro, it offered himself to trace the miracle.

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Printed Legging Pants

Today’s proposal fell on this cast of printed legging pants in size 38 (table) and 40 (Brazilian table). Mold pants have no sewing value has to be added. This publication aims to help those who have no printer. Always make the mold on paper and cut out to make any necessary correction.

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10 Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen With Recycled Materials

When we have little space in the kitchen always we have to resort to tricks and ideas in order to save everything we have and then find it at first. We are sure that once you’ve had to go digging at the bottom of the closet some ingredient and at the end was not you. Well, maybe these ideas already you won’t with nothing.You’ll find all the first!

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What is a Tregging

Yes Yes I know, I’ve been away too long. Liver fat had the cold reason to me, pushed me into my deepest corner (= under a duvet with glazed chestnuts to watch episodes of How I met your mother for a period… Indecent), London snow has value me 8 h stuck at Gatwick… But here I am back, and with a rather unique piece: the semi tregging-slim-leather. Little explanation about the thing. There was a time, I tried the tregging. The operation ended in a dismal failure, and remained at the stage of the dressing room. I hope many of you will understand me: the material of the tregging said (which incidentally is closer to the soft plastic than anything else) felt the flaccid haunch and reminded me of how my legs are not even a quarter of those of Heidi Klum. In short, I quickly abandoned the idea.

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Wedding Dresses Sew

On the most beautiful day in life every bride would like to wear the most beautiful dress. However, more sophisticated wedding dresses are unfortunately also relatively expensive. Some brides would not want to spend so much money on a wedding dress that is usually worn only on this one day. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without a luxurious wedding dress, if you show a little skill during sewing.

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Emporia Elegance in the Test

The minimalist of Emporia above shows with a spacious keyboard and a very own operating concept.

The elegance comes from the Austrian manufacturer Emporia, which provides senior-friendly cell phones for several years. The first generations were still quite chunky devices, attention was paid at the elegance to the look, without compromising usability.

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Cardigan Sweater Knitting Instructions


  1. Timeless classics
  2. Material for the jacket:
  3. Knitting pattern for a classic Cardigan
  4. Material for the sweater:
  5. Knitting pattern for a classic sweater

Timeless classics

Put on and feel could be the motto for these two fine pieces. We tell you how you easily after can knit the sweater and cardigan.

Material for the cardigan:

  • Lana Grossa quality “Merino Air” (90% pure new wool (Merino), 10% polyamide, Mt = approx. 130 m / 50 g): approx 200 (250-300) g taupe (FB. 10)
  • Lana Grossa quality “Yak Merino” (30% new wool (Merino), 28% (baby) alpaca, 22% polyamide, 20% yak, LL about 110 m / 50 g =): approx. 300 (350-400) g raw silk (FB. 10)
  • Knitting needles No. 5.5, 7 and 9
  • 1 circular needle size 7, 80 cm long
  • 1 leather buckle Union button, art. 59976, 100 mm, 20 dark brown.

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How To Make Homemade Bread. Recipe

Although somewhat laborious, we like the kitchen we enjoy making our own breads at home. Here we explain all the secrets of how to make homemade bread, recipe step by step, with tips on the kneading and refining of the dough, fermentation and baking.

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