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Huawei Reveals What Mobile Could Upgrade to 6.0 Android Marshmallow

As already happened last year, after Google has introduced a new version of Android are many manufacturers that, like Motorola, LG and Sony, have begun to tell us already which their devices are thinking about update. Even in the case of LG, we already know that the updates will start the coming week.

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Kenwood DNX520VBT

Eye-catcher with good facilities: like Kenwood answer to the question “How do I build an alternative to the factory system?”.

Even high-quality plant system “RNS 510” Volkswagen would be in addition to Kenwood chic DNX520VBT (1299 euro) sweat: both optically and haptically the new Naviceiver DNX520VBT for VW models is doing pretty damn well.

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What Could Make Sony for Its Telephony Division Sales Will Recover? Engadget Android Questions

Last Wednesday we told you that Sony was still happening wrong with the results of its telephone division, and although during the week they denied that they had for sale division, still weigh the words of its Chief Executive saying be reconsidered their future, is what used to be what he meant with that. In any case in Xataka Android, we want to be positive and productive, and therefore I ask today what you think that you could make Sony to improve its sales of smartphones.

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Brinkmann Bardo Turntable + 10.5 + HRS R 1

At his best creation Bardo + 10.5 + HRS R 1 (11800 euro) Brinkmann saved fortunately only in two places. The drive was not.

  1. Brinkmann Bardo turntable + 10.5 + HRS R 1
  2. Data sheet

The most common way cheaper to build a device, is a more expensive to slim down. But that requires lots of experience. Because to use the red pencil somewhere, may result in the worst case in a decisive deterioration in sound. Helmut Brinkmann was sensibly. He chose his new smallest drive Bardo 5000 Euro first and foremost, not on the drive not to save. Instead, he assumed the successful direct Trieblers and bigger brother’s OASIS (1/09). A sensible step, that the plate should rotate evenly and without noise stands out of discussion.

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OnePlus Invites The Press to October 12: We Will See The OnePlus X?

After months of rumors, some filtering and many doubts about virtually all the components that equip, the next mobile from Chinese manufacturer OnePlus they could see the light on October 12. That is the date in which Pete Lau and his family have called to press for an event that will take place in the India.

It has not said what we see during the event, but the latest leaks almost safely could be expected new mobile more small, affordable of OnePlus. Although clear, the Chinese manufacturer has already created hype on more than one occasion to launch enough secondary products, i.e. that we can not be sure at all.

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BI-Automotive Media Center

The bi-automotive convinces Media Center as Navi, even if the route calculation could go faster.

The first contact with the Media Center bi-automotive (1200 euros) makes clear: its processing not match up RNS 510 to a factory system as the VW. The more coarse plastic surfaces and large buttons rather reminiscent of the small VW RNS 310 model. Our voltage increases us so with the ignition key rotation – which probably expected?

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This Time Yes, Sony Could Rethink The Future of The Range Xperia If Sales Do Not Work

During the last years Sony has had that deny on more than one occasion that is considering abandoning the mobile phone business as it did in the past with other branches as the Vaio computers. But on this occasion, one of the directors of the Japanese company has admitted that there could be such a possibility.

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D/A Converter Naim Audio DAC

Innovations in D/A converters rarely serve the good sound. But with the new DAC (2600 EUR), Naim is now bringing a truly revolutionary concept.

  1. D/A converter Naim audio DAC
  2. Data sheet

The British HiFi non-conformist Naim has always been considered iron defenders of the built-in CD player. Not without reason: In contrast to separate drive-converter packages, integrated CD player allows to place the system timer for all components involved, the time base, directly at the D/A Converter: This gives as little as possible jitter – best conditions for optimal sound.

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They Are The G3 and The G4 The Unique Mobile from LG That Receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Once Google submit officially their new Android 6.0 Marshmallow, now turn to manufacturers calculate their efforts and make decisions before starting to read the FAQ. are mobile phones that will be updated the new version of the operating system during the next few months.

One of the first to move was Motorola, which two days ago announced the list of devices that would update, and that some models of the 2013 fell. LG has still not acted, but on the official website our siteĀ seems to only in the LG G3 and G4 chips It appears that they will have your dose of cotton candy.

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Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010

The Zenec E > GO reads significantly more data via CAN-bus as other fixed installation Navis. With success?

The Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010 (1099 EUR) is the pioneer in the vehicle-specific Naviceivern. It reads much more data on the CAN-bus connection of the car than others.

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