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From Now on, Almost All The Code of Chrome for Android Will Be Open

Google Chrome for Android will embrace Open Source opening up almost all of its code. So one of the developers of the browser has announced it on Reddit, saying that after long hours of work, the majority of your code has been turned in repositories of Chromium.

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Nokia X 3-02 Touch and Type in the Practice Test

Touch and type is called the operating concept, in which simple phones are equipped with a touchscreen Nokia. The Nokia X 3-02 is one of the first touch and type models.

It is operated via a touch screen is to enter data about typing a phone number or a text message, usual via the mechanical keyboard below the screen as with phones.

The benefits are obvious: who has used only cell phones, can continue as usual make a call or send SMS, and yet reap the benefits of a touch screen. Instead of laboriously hitting menu items using the navigation key, to select a direct pressure on the desired entry is sufficient. The principle is so simple and obvious that you wonder why no one ever came before it:

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Microsoft Office for Android Now Available on Google Play

It was a matter of time, especially if we remember that the iPhone version came out recently. Office expands to conquer other operating systems to remain the reference in the office suite. Now it’s the turn of Android.

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Google Wants to Improve Searches Using Android Voice Commands

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. We are in the times in which virtual attendees promise to help us to carry out a more effective searches replacing having to write what we want to know by simple voice commands. But to what extent use the visitor on foot this type of searches?

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Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S in the Practice Test

She is smart, handy, well equipped and expensive: the Giorgio Armani-special-edition of the Samsung Galaxy S can in practice fully convince.

  1. Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S in the practice test
  2. Touch screen and software
  3. Samsung & Giorgio Armani: Conclusion

When unpacking it is clear: here, someone wants to impress. The fashion Smartphone is located with the obligatory Pack headset in an elegant box with magnetic closure.

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Opera Mini Launches a Second Compression Mode

If until now, Opera Mini was an interesting alternative for all Android users looking for a browser that helped them to save data with a powerful compression system, the popular browser has just updated to offer a second compression mode in more powerful mobile for Android who prefer to see such pages which have been published.

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Pearl Touchlet X 2 GPS in the Practice Test

An Android tablets for 170 euros? This is only possible with compromises! The practice test shows where you need to turn a blind eye to the Touchlet x 2

The electronic mailers Pearl, traditionally known for cheap goods away from the well-known brands, enriches the growing range of Android Web tablets to a low-budget model. While over 500 euro are due for a Samsung Galaxy tablet, there are the simplest of the Touchlet X 2 for less than half. From 170 euro, we go, if you want the device with GPS receiver will pay 200 euros and receives even a navigation software for Germany. For 250 euros, there’s the package with navigation for all of Europe.

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Google Maps Offline: Google Is Far Behind

Google has been experimenting for years with their maps offline in Android. Four years ago, that it allows to download maps for when we do not have coverage but so far not allowed do searches or navigation with them. This has changed this week.

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Nokia C6-01 in the Practice Test

The Nokia C6-01 is the latest addition to Nokia with the Symbian 3 – operating system and according to the models N8 and C7-00 the best Symbian 3 Smartphone.

The C6-01 (not to be confused with the C6-00) a lot more compact than the two other Symbian News, Nokia N8 and Nokia C7-00. Accordingly, the display measures only 3.2 inches diagonally; at the C7’s are 3.5 inches.

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Google Maps Tells You What Output Meter You Must Take

The metro is one of my favorite ways of moving around the city, but I acknowledge that more than once just average lost or taking the exit that is not. And at some stations, there may be a big difference between one or another output.

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