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Acer Liquid MT in the First Check

The first impression of the Acer liquid MT is sobering: grab quality and ease of use are not at the expected level.

  1. Acer liquid MT in the first check
  2. Android and Acer UI

The main actors were actually different: on Tuesday evening Acer has unveiled a new desktop PCs, notebooks, Netbooks and tablets of course at a press event in Munich.

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Complete System EPOZ Aktimate Maxi

The AktiMate Maxi is the second ambitious creation of the Hi-Fi gurus Michael Creek under the logo EPOZ. Whether network player, iPod dock, or external devices – the Maxi never says no. Whether the system can meet the high expectations, clear AUDIO in the exclusive test.

Already, the first child of the House of EPOZ was a resounding success. The active speakers that Creek from the workshop of master Michael, heard the name AktiMate mini (AUDIO 2/08) and among the first offerings, which could elicit the serious iPod HiFi in addition to B & W Zeppelin and Geneva. So Creek together with its Australian partners, succeeded to establish the new brand EPOZ without scaring his customers from the classic HiFi sector (naming not coincidentally reminiscent of his epic speaker).

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AV Receiver Denon 4810

Not just visually, even of Denon demonstrates how to size. Fine height or powerful bass attacks, the Denon AVR-4810 (3000 euro) always impressed with sovereignty.

  1. AV receiver Denon 4810
  2. Data sheet

At the first glimpse of the massive AVR-4810, the home theater friend suspects that as anything other than a weak chest, representative is the receiver genus facing him. Fact: Under the metal dress of the Denon is a guard of nine amplifiers place, demand fueled by a 910-Watt transformer. You can get started with the latest software update without limiting the protection circuitry that caused astonishment concerning the seven-channel RMS power still in the stereoplay colleagues in the test (2/10). Instead of using the at that time identified 32 and 47 Watts play now free with 108 and 136 Watts into 4 and 8 Ohms the amplifier.

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AV Receiver Yamaha RX-V 2065

To be perfect, the Yamaha, RX-V 2065 (1000 Euro) is missing the ability to access UPnP Server beyond Windows Media Player 11 also.

  1. AV receiver Yamaha RX-V 2065
  2. Data sheet

With the models RX-V 1065 (AUDIO 10/09) and RX-V Yamaha 2065 deviates from the naming scheme numbered up to date continuously. That the RX-V 2065 in spite of other numbers the legitimate successor of the successful RX-V 1900 (AUDIO 11/08) is only seen after a comparison of price and equipment list. Although the Yamaha got a new dwelling which is slightly shrunk (and slimmed down to a few pounds) in the dimensions, he has similar features like its Heavier brother. Now he has two HDMI outputs (now standard in the 1000 Euro class); the additional presence speakers and also the obligatory USB interface for external data sources have remained. What is new, but, is that the RX-V 2065 FLAC data from the USB sticks can play. That iPod is denied direct access via USB and Yamaha opts for the on-site docking station, remained unchanged. But he has an FM tuner, and the way in the world of Internet radio is open to continue to him with the vTuner: it allows to go alongside the regional numerous global stations.

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Floorstanding Speaker, Wharfedale Opus 2-2

Katie Meluas “Shy Boy”, recorded with right dominant Sibilants, sounded on the Wharfedale Opus 2-2 (3,000 euros, pair price) sensationally right in the middle and contoured rhythmically.

  1. Floorstanding speaker, Wharfedale Opus 2-2
  2. Data sheet

Many years back

Also Wharfedale is a large English company. After 1932, a dynamic chassis (sic!) left the small workshop in Yorkshire, the brand can take to produce even more speakers than about B & W, KEF, Tannoy. Also means sound dome belong firmly in the company’s history, and so it was no wonder you tinkering around after the takeover by the English Chinese IAG Group on appropriate concepts such as the venerable, Tannoy-style retro-style giant monitor Airdale.

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ATC SCM 40 Floorstanding Speaker

The studio recording of Wagner’s “Lohengrin” presented the ATC SCM 40 ((3400 Euro, Paarpreis) with more neutral as the voluptuous tone colors, while she conjured up a wide space, almost like a real stage.)

  1. ATC SCM 40 Floorstanding speaker
  2. Data sheet

Professionals from tradition

Among the organizations which carry the abbreviation ATC – from a University of up to military special task forces – the British loudspeaker manufacturer in business directories or on Google could nearly end. Where ATC is easy for acoustic transducer company, so manufacturers for Acoustic transducers. For many years focused on active Studio monitors. Mastering and producer legends like Bob Ludwig and Peter Walsh swore as well as the venerable BBC on the like boxy and often unusually expensive speaker in Gloucestershire, southern England. The most Hi-Fi fans, however, that the British have passive standing speakers with good value in the portfolio for quite some time, remained hidden.

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Acer BeTouch E210 in the First Check

Android BlackBerry design: the first check could not convince the Acer beTouch E210 as a multimedia smartphone.

Who will for the first time in the hand the beTouch thinks instinctively of a business unit. Because layout with relatively small display, and including reclining full keyboard reminds of the classics from the world of business, about common Blackberrys or the Nokia models E71 and E72.

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Turntable T + A G 1260 R

The German full-range supplier T + A offers his latest record player T + A G 1260 R (starting from 2000 euro) in several stages on: without pickup, with perfectly adjusted system and even with integral head amplifier.

  1. Turntable T + A G 1260 R
  2. Data sheet

Who visited the company T + A in Herford, which get quite easily as a sense of advent calendar: new doors open up, stuck behind those new goodies. Just no culinary, but technical. A worthy reception area, % free, but importing with imposing many awards conference rooms, and then: production sites as licked and felt believes developer offices, where you almost the surges of brain lard and ideas.

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Samsung Wave 533

The Bada Smartphone wave 533 offers to the small course fun Smartphone with good all-round features and on top of that a mechanical typewriter keyboard.

  1. Samsung wave 533
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

With the 5 series models, Samsung added its Bada-portfolio two cheap entry-level smartphones, which put the emphasis on social contacts and Messaging. The Quad duo wave 525 and wave 533 also extended the number of phones with our own Bada operating system on a total of five models, if you count the not yet available wave II.

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LG Optimus Speed in Practice

Super fast dual-core processor, flashy displays: The LG Optimus speed is the first of an impressive new smartphone generation

  1. LG Optimus speed in practice
  2. Handling and equipment
  3. Processing and conclusion

The LG Optimus speed is the first Smartphone with a dual-core processor on the German market. What the many computing power on a Smartphone?

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