2017 Wallpaper: Check out the Main Trends

Find out which are the main bets in terms of wallpaper for the next year.

Get to know the main novelties in the field of 2017 wallpaper. Next year, we will have many finishes with neutral colors, metallic details, textures and geometric prints. Check out the trends in more detail.

The wallpaper is the perfect solution for those who want to change the look of the House quickly, cheap and practical. The flooring works well in nearly all environments, however, the trends in patterns, colors and textures vary from one year to the next.

2017 wallpaper trends

The House and Party split 10 trends of 2017 wallpaper. Check out:

1-gray and black

The white walls leave any room drab and dull. To change this reality, it pays to bet on a wallpaper with striking colors, as is the case of the models who value the combination of gray and black. Then, bet on colorful furniture and objects to complete the composition and create a modern contrast according to a2zwallstickers.com.

2-bronze arrived with everything!

Metallic wallpaper is a strong trend of decoration for 2017. Among the colors that promise to break into the houses and apartments, it is worth highlighting the bronze, a super charming and elegant.

3-geometric Prints

The geometric prints are with everything in the area, including when it comes to wallpaper. The standards that promise to make success next year are chevron pattern.

The geometric patterned wallpaper can share space with neutral materials, such as marble and white objects. In this way, the decor of the environment is not likely to be polluted.

4-Scandinavian Style

Have you heard of Scandinavian design. So he’s doing very well in Brazilian homes. The style suggests a composition more clean, characterized by the use of bright colors, simplicity and rustic details.

The models of wallpaper, with Scandinavian style, value the colors well pale and neutral, as in the case of white. Already the prints seek reference in natural landscapes such as forests, mountains and lakes.

5-wallpaper that mimics a coating

The wallpaper that mimics a coating serves to modernize the appearance of any room. It can be applied in just a wall of the room, composing a super modern and stylish Panel. The templates mimic various materials, such as brick in sight, fillets canjiquinha and wood.

6-metallic Details

Metallic details represent one of the main trends of 2017 wallpaper. Is a great option for those who don’t want to bet on a fully brass or gold finish silver.

The papers with gold details add a touch of sophistication to any room, especially in the living room and the double bedroom.

7-3D wallpaper

The flat paint is far from the only rendering option for home or apartment. You can also bet on a textured wallpaper, i.e. with embossed details and able to trick the human eye.

In stores that specialize in 3D wallpaper, you can find all types of textures that simulate concrete boards, hexagonal tile, wood leaked, drawing floral, checkerboard effect and wavy designs.


To make the decoration with a touch of nostalgia, nothing better than to bet on a vintage wallpaper. The model can be floral (with a most romantic footprint) or geometric (typical of the years 70).

Did you identify with any trend? Leave a comment telling me what he thought of the news.