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Oscar De La Renta New Bridal Collection

Finally he arrives in Italy the fabulous collection of Oscar de la Renta i n exclusive atelier Rebecca the Bride of Piacenza. The American designer is beloved by the stars: among its loyal customers we find Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Mendes, Kristen Stewart. In our gallery you can see the bridal collection for next year: the creations of Oscar de la Renta for your big day winking at ‘high fashion and are absolutely fabulous. For the first time, Italian women, they will wear these fabulous clothes thanks to Franca Guglieri, atelier Rebecca Bride of Piacenza. What do you think? It is a magnificent collection?

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How To Wash Down Jacket With Tennis Balls?

Down jackets many owners mistakenly assume that care and washing of winter outfits does not require special knowledge and skills.Just put the thing in a modern washing machine, including software and everything, but in fact, this measure is totally wrong. When you wash down jackets need to know and follow some of the nuances that will help keep the product for many years in the same new and beautiful, as in the store.

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Elegant Jumpsuits and Rompers

The elegant suit has become a must have this season but not only that, but how does the suit and how to match it to our body? Discover it with us!

Tired of the usual elegant dresses or skirts? Do not you like to wear a suit?

If you expect an important occasion, or just a special night but I do not like to wear the usual clothes or the usual trousers here is the alternative for you, the elegant suit.

1. How did Jumpsuit

The suit, also known jumpsuit born as men’s casual clothing or work , until a few years ago in fact, wore mainly paratroopers. The paratroopers suit was designed to isolate the body from very low temperatures due to the altitude.

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Basics Maternity Underwear

If you or someone you love expecting a bundle of joy soon, there’s no reason to sacrifice the beautiful feeling. Maternity underwear does feel good while being a hot mom!

Importance of Comfort

When you are pregnant, your body goes through many changes, and the only thing you think about in these last months is comfort. Swollen breasts and bellies can do to find comfortable underwear difficult, and the last thing you want is to feel limited and if you are popping out of your unmentionables. Fortunately, many designers in the industry has been paying attention. Now maternity lingerie is available in a lot of stylish and affordable alternative. And yes, you can still be comfortable.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Sunglasses

More delicate than the choice of clothing, buying a new pair of sunglasses will have to follow a certain specification to avoid burns the retina – and that of those who ogle you. Follow the guide to choose your new solar.

Each donning a pair of sunglasses, you have the feeling you either transform P. Diddy showcase at the VIP Room or by Eva Joly meeting in Aix-en-Provence; because the shape is not suited to your face, or because the style of the frame just like you do not. Here are five tips to make the right choice.

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How To Wash Jeans?

First wash the jeans better to spend them immediately after purchase. As a result, the fabric will soften, and it can, in practice, to ensure the stability of the dyes. Is highly recommended to refer the jeans to dry cleaners-chemical exposure denim worsened appreciably. Most of all the jeans that are commercially available fused, so chemical treatment unacceptable. Keep in mind that after the visit of jeans in the washing machine drying, put them pretty easy.

But even washing at home does not guarantee to preserve the old forms of jeans. Special care should be taken to spinning. best to wring their hands jeans , then straighten out and hang on the rope.

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How do We Connect IP Cameras on a Single Coaxial Cable?

Always thinking of our customers looking for ways to make projects ed security cameras at the best price possible without leaving aside the quality of each element of our facility. That’s why you have looked for ways to leverage the existing coaxial wiring to transmit up to 4 IP cameras on a single coaxial cable.

To do this we use an EoC Transceiver for Ethernet over coaxial cable with PoE, PoE + or High Power PoE of NVT brand. Which has the following characteristics:

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What does CCTV Stand for?

Circuit is a term that comes from the Latin circuitus and refers to ride closed curve, the route previously set that ends at the starting point or the included land within a perimeter. Cerrado, on the other hand, is something which has no outlet or it is strict.

The concept of closed circuit, therefore, relates to the interconnection of two or more components with at least one closed path. The closed circuit in the electricity involves a set of sources, switches, resistors, semiconductors, inductors, capacitors and cables, among other components.

The closed circuit, the flow of electric current flows between components. Usually, a circuit of this type has producers or consumers current apparatus interleaved manner.

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Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S Plus Frozen with Coca-Cola

Of all the stress that we have seen so far, this is perhaps one of the weirder, at least that’s the idea that we had at first. But, leaving aside the fact that you have used a bottle of Coke for freeze Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 6S Plus, the test can be meaningful and demonstrates what the resistance of the device even in extreme temperatures. The quality of materials and the highest certification possible (IP68) guarantee to S7 Edge a good degree of hope he survives, but the end result is quite remarkable for both (go to min 8:40 ):

The new top range Samsung has been on during all stages of frostbite, became part of a large Icicle and then resumed thanks to rapid melting using boiling water. No issues whatsoever, the display Always On active and fully functional smartphone without the slightest vacillation.

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LG Android Watch Official 2

Had been anticipated at the event Google and now, after this night in New York. It’s called LG Watch LG Watch 2 Second Edition Urban or Urban for friends and is the first wearable Android Wear with data connectivity and then to integrate a SIM. A very interesting product that boasts a round Plastic Oled display and a battery from well 570mAh.

The features are substantial and although you always bases on Snapdragon 400, the screen has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels capable of bringing the density at 348ppi. She was also given the opportunity to make calls directly from the clock thanks to 3 g and 4 g supported.

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