Month: July 2016

OkCupid Suggests Boycott of Firefox by Homophobic Stance of New CEO

A week ago, Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and one of the creators of Mozilla, has been chosen as the new CEO of the company responsible for Firefox. No one doubts his competence to take over, but Eich has been criticized for its homophobic stance: he, in 2012, donated to Prop 8, American initiative against gay marriage, and the politicians who supported it.

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Netflix Will Become More Expensive, Including Brazil

The president of Netflix announced that the signature will become more expensive in the coming months, including for clients based in Brazil. Reed Hastings said the high will be somewhere between one and two dollars. Currently, the signing of Brazilian Netflix goes for R $ 16.90 per month. In the worst case (high $ 2), the streaming series and movies would R $ 21.50 for new customers (considering the exchange Tuesday).

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Google Maps Now Displays Internal Maps Airports, Stadiums and Shopping Malls in Brazil

The Google Indoor Maps, feature Google Maps that displays floor plans of thousands of sites worldwide, now operates in Brazil. The Google today announced the availability of internal maps of more than 100 airports, stadiums and shopping centers in more than 50 Brazilian cities – no more reason to be late for the movie because it did not find the rooms of film or getting around in circles in the stadium because not see your chair.

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Hats for Different Face Shapes

There’s just something nice about a woman in a hat. Part of the mysterious, part of a sophisticated, completely stylish (not to mention warm), topping to your head with a fedora, cloche, or hat is essential, as the weather turns cold. But, as finding the right clothes for your body type, you need to choose the right hat face shape. Whether the computer is Oval, Square, Round or heart-shaped, Long, there’s a flattering look on there for you. Here are 10 styles to get you started.

Quiz: What face shape? Find out now.

1 Heart Face Shape: a Drop in the Ocean

When the forehead is wide, but China is a narrow, brim can help balance out the face shape, but if you go too wide, the Chinese appear in even narrower. One solution: a bucket hat. This tweed Eugenia Kim version has 2-inch brim-super flattering, heart-shaped face.

2 Heart Face Shape: Faux Real

Such as an oval face shapes, heart shape, look good in most of the hat styles. Trendy, the hipster vibe, whether slouchy Knit Beanie. We are smitten with this wild look from Mars, the giant faux fur Pom-Pom on top. Available in Burgundy, ivory, charcoal and black, we just might be the one of each shade.

3 Long face Shape: Hats off

To help shorten the long face, try a hat with a big, round lierijoka can be pulled down low on the forehead. Just be sure to avoid hats high crowns-they’ll only make your face look even longer.

4 Long Face Shape: Cloche Call

Retro, 1920s-style cloche (which is the French Bell) is not only the style sophisticated, but also flatters long face, when filled to the brim with hide forehead. This seemed like a version of the polka dot band and bow and is lined with Paisley. Must.

5 Oval Face Shape: Raspberry Beret

the oval of the face looks pretty and so en Vogue-modern, slouchy beret. This is the number of the Red knit Ugg Australia will keep you warm, cozy and stylish whether you’re heading out on the terrace, on the way to work or to meet friends for an evening in the city. Belle, oui?

6 Oval Face Shape: Play Ball

When your face is oval, you can rock out in pretty much any hairstyle, sunglasses stylish-you guessed it-the hat. This season, JCREW brings back the classic baseball cap, but the bling in this wine-colored, Crystal-embellished wool version will take you to the minors Major League fashionista.

7 Round Face Shape: Boys on the Side

If the face is round, to create the illusion of length seek fedora high Crown. Tallness in this felt like the style will help slim your face, while the asymmetrical brim is also slimming. Toss in that flirty floral ornament and you have a winner. But do not let it go to your, uh, head, OK?

8 Round Face Shape: Stop the Presses

Round face-one of which is as wide as it will benefit from have a long newsboy style. Cocked to the side, angle will help slim your face, as well as the brim. This camel knit look of the Echo is a classic, but not at all old hat.

9 Square Face Shape: to the Brim

The women in the square, angular face shapes look lovely in wide-brimmed hat, which help to soften a wide jawline. Irregular wire brim with this knitted style flatters the corners, and lace trim adds a bit of femininity to boot.

10 Square face shape: Head Case

Balance out strong, square face felt Hat-brim and a soft, fedora narrow indented Crown. A short brim Catarzi villa, velvet trim and pinned to the Crown, which gives a nod to the menswear-but really beautiful way.

As the Safety of iPhone Runs the FBI Wants Apple Break

Apple is involved in a great controversy in the US. The justice of the country asked the company unlock an iPhone 5c used by Rizwan Syed Farook, one of the two gunmen San Bernardino massacre in December 2015, suspected of having links with the terrorist group Islamic State. Apple has positioned itself saying in an open letter signed by CEO Tim Cook, who will not comply with the order by understanding it detrimental to the interests of its clients. How the protections of the iPhone that the FBI want to be broken by Apple itself?

Encryption and Security iOS

In 2014, with IOS 8, ​​Apple started to encrypt by default the file system of all iPhone and iPad updated with this version and has access password protected. In practical terms, this means that even with physical access to the device without the password data stored in them are useless: it is just a jumble of unintelligible bits. Not even Apple would be able to have access to the data – a basic guideline of any cryptosystem.

To get access, you need to know the password. What the FBI is trying to do is find the password that iPhone 5c by brute force, ie on the basis of trial and error. This, however, is made very difficult by the system. From the sixth wrong password entered on the device iOS starts to increase the wait time for a new attempt is made. On one minute (sixth attempt) at a time interval between attempts (ninth on).

Another measure is even more severe. If properly configured, iOS can self-destruct at the 11th attempt wrong: the whole system is reset, including the personal data that FBI investigators want to collect iPhone 5c shooter.

And there is an extra complication, which is the need to use their own iPhone to unlock it. Each iPhone has a unique identifier (UID) embedded in the hardware is checked against the password entered. They need to knock the release occurs. In other words, you can not use a supercomputer capable of multiple guesses per second to speed up the process.

What the FBI Really Wants

The letter to Tim Cook talks on creating a “backdoor”, a kind of intentional failure in the system in order to weaken it, or by keeping the original meaning of a “back door” left in the system to facilitate access by third parties. Specifically, FBI investigators want an adapted version of iOS without those consequences that the inclusion of wrong passwords implies, ie no longer intervals between attempts, and especially without the risk of losing the data at the 11th attempt.

If possible, it would decrease the interval between attempts to 80ms (time required to decrypt the password entered), which, in a four-digit password, iPhone case in question, it would lead to the break in just over 30 minutes. (Out of curiosity: six digits, it would take an average of 11 hours to guess it at The Intercept says. The ideal number of digits is eleven, in which case it would only be discovered, on average, within 127 years.)

Being an iPhone 5c, or an older version, it has a special weight. She does not have a security feature that Apple calls “Enclave Insurance”. This is a parallel system to iOS, even physically (it is a chip apart), responsible for ensuring the integrity and security of sensitive information such as device authentication system, such as the password and fingerprint used by the biometric Touch system ID.

The principle he considered that, were the iPhone in question have 5s or later, that is equipped with the Enclave Insurance, Apple could do nothing even if he wanted. Then, the company admitted that even on iPhones with newer it is able to circumvent this defense to allow the trial and error to guess the password.

This suggests that the positioning of Apple is political, not technical. What is at stake is to avoid open a legal precedent, namely that this case will serve as a paradigm for other iPhone security breach requests are made by the FBI and other countries. What would prevent China, the largest market outside the US Apple and now and then accused of spying Western communications, ordering and, more than that, that argument Apple would use to eventually deny the collaboration? Or even the US, through the NSA and related agencies to monitor closely US citizens and other countries?

The above was removed from the matter of the New York Times.

It is worth mentioning that Apple gave the FBI all the information of said iPhone that were synchronized with iCloud. The problem is that the shooter device owner ceased regular backups about a month and a half before the attack. The generated content in that range is just that iPhone 5c This infographic Wall Street Journal helps to understand the case:

The Threat of Terrorism

Suspicions that the couple of San Bernardino gunmen had links with the Islamic State inflamed the debate. The subject, extremely sensitive there, anywhere in the world makes the rather delicate issue. For Apple, even tap your foot and not give is a commercial risk – the eyes of many, it’s like she was refusing to cooperate with the investigation of a terrorist attack.

The question, however, is bigger than that. Encryption is an absolute matter; it does not admit exceptions. In the Washington Post, Bruce Schneier, author of Date and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World (not yet published in Brazil), summarized in one sentence what is at stake: “Either everyone has security, or no one is. “

The subject is so important that other CEOs of large companies have positioned themselves. Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Sundar Pinchai (Google), Jan Koum (WhatsApp), and civil rights organizations like the EFF and the ACLU set out in defense of the decision Apple. Edward Snowden also criticized the onslaught of the FBI and the US justice system.

Analysts predict a long legal battle ahead, with important implications for encryption and therefore the right to privacy of all who use smartphones. There is a possibility that if Apple lost, many of the advances made in recent years end up withdrawn, which would not be good for anyone. It is a case to keep an eye.

1 Year Party Decor Simple

Looking for tips and ideas on 1 year party decorations simple. Find here everything you need to know about the subject. In fact, it is very laborious to get to choose a theme for a birthday party. However, it is not necessary to follow a pattern formed to decorate. Just use the creativity and uses it to his advantage to put into practice. It’s not as creative as well? It’s not a problem. Here you will find the best ideas to help you in choosing. After all, party of 1 year is super special. Make the celebration even more memorable and decorate the right way. But anyway, where to start?

How to Decorate the Little 1 Year?

Check out tips and ideas from 1 year anniversary decoration. After all, choosing the theme “ideal” can become cumbersome if mom doesn’t know anything about the subject. After all, where to start? Just perfect on the table. Simple, huh? The decor doesn’t have to be too fancy, because 1 year party even if it is simple, can become unforgettable if the right decor is chosen. In this case the “least” becomes more like we always say here. Don’t believe me? Below you can see decorating tips and theme options to help you in choosing.

See that yes you can decorate without spending so much and let the beautiful and well decorated. Just choose the right items. Use balloons, sweets, to decorate the table, beautiful trays to put the candy, then you will have a super party well decorated, without having to spend a fortune for it. You don’t need a lot, because the simple the duty to leave the little 1 year of your son or daughter to remember. Yes you can perform 1 year party at home.

Samsung Smart Watches Review

At CES in Los Angeles took a brand new technology that has been developed in cooperation Samsung and BMW. Smart Watch Samsung Galaxy Gear, the second generation to appear on the market in the near future, is able to provide BMW owners a lot of information.

Technology was named BMW iRemote and will cover the production of electric vehicles the Bavarian manufacturer. So far, so i3 model, later also forthcoming i8 car. Tucsonsmartwatches application allows the owner of the car, for example, to determine the current state of battery charge and distance traveled on stored energy, but also the condition of the windows and doors. Or it can advance prior to annealing  to adjust the temperature in the car, which should be nice in the winter months. Just to watch selects the desired temperature step, instructs and air conditioning in the car he will do the rest …

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Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch Review

Now the smartwatch became a common object: there are those Android – got there first, there is the Apple Watch. There are some that seem almost normal clocks, until you touch the screen and these changes, revealing screen shots and screen shots are always different.

But the real clock snob until now son disappointed: they want a watch that is a clock … but with functions from smartwatch. So no digital display, no touch screen: only the good old, solid mechanics: true hands, tick true. Solid stuff and real.

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