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Lingerie with GPS

Sometimes technology joins the advance and great causes, as it is this new technological gadget that is revolutionizing the world and which is being tested in the India.

The technology industry has put hands to work to create a technological gadget that can put an end to the wave of rapes that is occurring in the India. Three engineers from the University of Chennai, in the South of the India, have lacing a line of women’s underwear which incorporates a GPS that alerts the police and the family when an attempted sexual assault.

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Satin Fabric Definition

Soft texture, soft touch, smooth and shiny appearance, satin is a fabric formed by weaving of silk fiber and is currently used for various purposes, such as clothes, curtains, pillows, ornaments and more! To add class and luxury satin is also widely used in bridal gowns, who appreciate the lightness and beauty of the fabrics which are used.

Of Chinese origin, satin was created in the Middle Ages and its name comes from Zaitun port city, now known as Quanzhou. The robes that time were all made of satin, representing luxury and power due to its high cost. We love fabrics like satin, and for you to be inspired by the beauty of this material, we’ve listed some tips on how to use it in the decoration and favor environments. Come with us and enjoy all the beauty of a beautiful fabric like satin!

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Fishing in Ecuador

Saltwater fishing

For saltwater fishing, there are two main points in the Ecuador: the Galapagos Islands and the mainland coast of Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are the perfect retreat for those seeking to bring your family or have a good time with friends. Famous worldwide for extensive migrations of all kinds of pelagic fish, the Galapagos are a destination that promises good opportunities with blue, black and striped marlin. Complete vacation packages are available for all budgets and all sizes of groups. The small town of Puerto Ayora, home to all fishermen, is the economic center of the archipelago, with the largest population and largest number of tourist facilities.

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Jackets Big Sizes

Jackets for women deemed practical and comfortable. Hereby, the self-confident woman shows her penchant for the convenience and sporty and casual at the same time. The jackets fit jeans and other pants to dresses and skirts. They are characterised by a good elasticity and are ideal to take if it is cooler at night. The casual look of the jackets in big size acts juvenile. When relaxing at home or at a cozy meeting with friends, the fashion-conscious wife is tightened.

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Nails with Points of Colors

Decorate your nails with designs is very fashionable, looks very nice and is fun to do. Color dots nail design these highlights, looks very nice and is super simple to make.


  • Black varnish
  • Sky blue varnish
  • Phosphorescent green varnish
  • Yellow varnish
  • Pink varnish
  • Red varnish
  • Dotter or wooden stick

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The Best and Cheapest Bluetooth Headphones

A good alternative to this first model if you don’t like the design of the Voyager is the Sennheiser Presence Basic. You will pay a little less but also outperforms the Plantronics though for what have been tested among these headphone handsfree bluetooth is that they are fairly evenly matched, this way we recommend to buy it you like design, since quality and price seem fairly.

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Sony Xperia Z, The new Sony High-end Smartphone

Each year, smartphones manufacturers struggling to introduce new features. The competition also is increasingly harder making it difficult to surprise with new ideas. However, each year they overcome and bring us phones impressions.

This is the case of Sony. After giving a return thread to the brand, this year on the high end with an outstanding terminal in all its facets. We are talking about the Sony Xperia Z and today in technology you to you we it told you all about it.

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Five Tricks You Didn’t Know for the HTC One

The HTC One has been one of the surprises of the year in the world of mobile telephony. HTC has gotten an Android smartphone that not only boasts the most advanced specifications but its design, camera and exclusive applications are outstanding.

You already have it in your hands, or you are thinking do you with it. Either way, today in technology you your you teach five tricks (more tricks can be found on that we are sure that you do not know for the best performance. Let’s see if you already knew them or not.

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The Definitive Guide to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the sector of the tablets. This year it has launched the renovation of its range with the Tab 4. An affordable model with good specifications but when it comes to compete for the post of the best it was not sufficient that offered. How do it better?

Offering the best of the best and releasing a Tablet capable of competing with other titans such as Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet or iPad Air. His name is Samsung Galaxy Tab S defined on and comes to become a reference model for whoever seeks to consumption and work tools. Today we tell you all about it.

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Tips to Choose Short Dresses

Tips to choose short dresses. It is essential that you choose a short dress that attach to your figure and your personality, in such a way that it projects a stylish image and style. For that, then leave you some tips to choose short dresses:


The color of the dress has to harmonize and combine with your skin tone. For example; If your skin tone is dark you should opt for discrete colors such as dark grey, black or Navy Blue. Put aside the brown color, because this color fades if you figure.

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