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Crowdfunding Jewels: iPhone-Lensbaby, XY and Epicdock

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with a Lensbaby lens for the iPhone, a chic dock for all smartphones, and a small printer that rolls over the paper.

Creative Focus Lens: Lensbaby for iPhone

DSLR photographers enjoy the Lensbaby lenses of already great popularity. Keep a small focused area with big blurry edges. You can easily change the focused spot due to the flexibility of the lenses. On Kickstarter, the manufacturer now raises money for the first iPhone version of its lenses. For $50, and $15, shipping the Lensbabys come to you home. Pre-orders are possible until May 2, 2014.

Epicdock: Beautiful Put iPhones and Android Smartphones

The EpicDock does not distinguish between iPhones and Android smartphones, but uses the set cell phones only due to its size limits. More than 7.6 cm may not wide his and not thicker than 1.9 cm – including shell, of course. Guide rail for a lightning – or micro-USB cable is available, so you can recharge your Smartphone in the dock.

The material, you have the choice between black or silver aluminum, cherry wood, Maple or walnut. 27 April 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. Equivalent, you pay around 39 euros ($39 and $15 for shipping) for the EpicDock. For additional $10, you can provide the dock with a laser engraving.

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Selfie Mirror Shoots Photos and Tweets Them Directly

An arm’s length distance from the lens: what makes the charm of Selfies is often a problem. The Selfie mirror solves this problem – the built-in camera allows photos from a distance and with an additional angle. The function of Selfie mirror immediately online can make the images on Twitter is practical.

The concept for the Selfie mirror comes by iStrategyLabs, an agency from Washington. The experiment is called S.E.L.F.I.E, which is the abbreviation for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine” with the mirror. The technique of the mirror is at all isn’t rocket science: behind the glass of the mirror a webcam two LED lights are, and a Mac mini.

Mirror Detects Certain People and Photographed Them

On the computer, a face recognition software is stored, so that the Mac can recognize mini certain people and begin the process of photography. The LEDs indicate the user levels through when the picture is taken. The software on the Mac mini provides the photo automatically with a default logo and upload it directly from Twitter.

By the small distance to the camera, the image with a manually launched Selfie is usually relatively No. This proves also the Oscar Selfie by DeGeneres, where thirteen people are closely crowded together. Who needs tips for the Knippsen of the perfect Selfies, you will here find it.

Hologram Technology: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Novel Chip Produces Holograms

Is known right holograms usually only from science fiction films, for example from Star Wars. They could soon become reality. The American company Ostendo has now demonstrated a real hologram. Next year, the hologram technology in mass production could go and find in Smartphone use.

The US company Ostendo has almost ten years and on a chip worked almost unnoticed by the public, produces the holograms and a just such hologram journalists presented by the Wall Street Journal. During the demonstration, two rotating green cube were produced, superbly could see the audience from every angle.

As the technology of the Quantum Photon generator, which produces a hologram works: the chip produced by Ostendo, the “Ostendo quantum Photonic imager” creates three-dimensional and floating freely in the air pictures that all sides consider themselves allow – no reflective mirror used in the technique, as are known from similar holographic process. The chip, which projected the hologram, created nearly a million pixels – equivalent to 5,000 dpi. For comparison: the new smartphone LG G3, which comes on the market soon, has a screen resolution of 534 dpi, which are between 100-200 dpi more than most other premium Smartphones such as iPhone, Xperia or Galaxy S5 – 5,000 dpi are really gigantic. Ostendo wants to even further increase the resolution in the future. The chip about the size of a Tic Tac, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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iOS 8: The New Apple Operating System

Apple iOS Has 8 Presents for the First Time to the Public

iOS 8: Apple has that worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) its new operating system iOS 8 introduced. With iOS 8 has further improved the cross-device functionality Apple because Apple users can access their data with the new operating system in the future much easier. The only disadvantage of the new operating system iOS 8: iOS operating system 8 works well only in the newer iPhone models from iPhone 4S.

With the new operating system iOS 8 much easier going for Apple customers. So clearly improved the communication possibilities for iOS 8: texts, photos and videos can be by the user now with one wipe with others sharing. The management was simplified group messages. And easier 8 is also writing messages with iOS: the new Word detection QuickType remembers namely the words and phrases, that the message writer prefer type used and considered it also, who is just written-the message to Grandma the suggested phrases are so other than when the message to the best mate. Using iCloud Apple customers will have easier access to photos and videos from anywhere, also to be possible to change during activities between different devices. If you want, can the operating system iOS 8 with the new app for health and fitness data bundle its all info from his other Gesundheitsapps. Also the new family sharing feature, which is one of the operating system iOS is clever 8 offers: it allows up to six persons of a family the mutual access to shared data. Also can the parents with the new Apple operating system iOS 8 locate their children and check their shopping online make it.

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Honda Designed Airbag for Mobile Phones

The automaker Honda has developed a legendary revolutionary cell phone accessories: the air bag for the mobile phone. The air bag for the mobile dissolves out automatically, as soon as the phone is dropped and it protects against the risk of impact. You can see how the whole thing works, in the YouTube clip:

The Japanese have invented Yes quite a bit on that none of us here ever thought in Europe. Now the automaker makes Honda in a commercial YouTube resurfaced. The company has invented nothing less than the ultimate all-around protection for mobile phones: the mobile airbag. This airbag intercepts even falls from a great height and protects against dents to the Smartphone. A Japanese engineer will be shown in the YouTube video of Honda, who developed the mobile airbag with the smartphones in the future are protected against impact, when they hit the ground. The engineer performs some case studies and experiments with different prototypes in the video, until he finally comes the idea of the mobile air bags. The name of the mobile air bags: Smartphone case N.

Who now asks where he can buy the Smartphone case N, I must disappoint the unfortunately, because this mobile airbag is unfortunately not to a real, to erwerbendes cell phone accessories, the Smartphone case N is indeed nothing more than a publicity stunt by Honda! Because let’s face it: put his cell phone in such a case N who would? Because the Smartphone case N is not particularly stylish nor fit because of its enormous size just so in the trouser pocket, likely a few customers are likely to find themselves who really want to buy it. However: the idea of the mobile air bags is not really new, Jeff Bezos, the head of the Internet Department store Amazon, got a patent for a mobile airbag the 2012. Remains the question of whether he will eventually also manufactures the mobile airbag and we can buy it on Amazon.

iPhone 6 with Curved Sapphire Crystal Display?

The Latest Rumors Around the iPhone 6

After iPhone 5 and 5C, that is iPhone 6 already in planning. Latest rumored Apple test already displays for the iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 inches in size. Also curved displays are reportedly in talks with Apple.

The iPhone 5 s is the glazing of the camera and the fingerprint sensor made of extremely durable and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. Rumored Apple plans now that the entire front of the new iPhone to produce 6 Sapphire: according to the information of the Web page for the Californian company has paid GT advanced technologies already converted approximately EUR 400 million, to promote large sapphire surfaces as Apple could use it at the iPhone 6.


Also the news channel Bloomberg knows how to tell a lot about the new Apple displays. Insider reported alleged that Apple is working on completely new displays, which are bent like in the Samsung Galaxy round. The displays are equipped with sensors that could distinguish between solid and slight pressure. And the Japanese website reported that the iPhone 6 will have a 5-inch full-HD display. The edges of the display are reportedly extremely thin. So thin, that the iPhone 6 could be the first Smartphone of this magnitude, that is can be operated with one hand.

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What is OCR?

The term OCR is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-of Optical Character Recognition, called in Spanish “Optical character recognition”. The creation of this technology dates back to 1974, and Raymond Kurzwell (American inventor, musician, entrepreneur, writer and scientist) did it so, originally, a pc can read aloud a printed document to blind people.

Definition of OCR

The definition of optical character recognition (OCR) is the process designed to digitize texts written by hand or machine in a role to transform them into a computer document, which in turn, can be modified on a computer. Those writings are automatically identified by this program from an image, characters, or symbols that belong to a given alphabet. In this way are stored in the form of data, and thus you can interact with them through a text-editing program or similar.

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4 Tips For Great Photos With The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Better pictures with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha: the resolution of the main camera of the Galaxy Alpha moves with 12 MP the value after only in the current Samsung smartphones of the year 2014 – yet you can shoot good photos with you. We will tell you a few useful tips, so that your photos look more professional.

Right To Use HDR Mode

In hindsight, the HDR mode allows you to compensate for different lighting conditions on a photo. If you photographed, for example, a scene in which a part is very well lit, while another in the dark is located, you can compensate by using the HDR mode. The camera takes in a row several pictures to, to merge them afterwards to a photo. Therefore, it is important that you keep very quiet the Smartphone in HDR mode. In addition, the HDR mode should be used for best results only in the open air. To use the HDR mode you have to go on the home screen first on the “menu”-icon, and then tap the camera icon. Now, at the edge of the display, you can choose the HDR mode.

4 Tips For Great Photos With The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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Different Types of Petticoats

His popularity was born in the 40s and remained immovable for decades. After hiding for a time, the petticoat returns with force to lingerie drawers.

The petticoat is a piece of lingerie that is used under clothing but about underwear. We could say that it is an intermediary that is designed to protect your skin from cold, heat, the rubbing of rough genres such as wool and, to avoid the above exposure when your dress have transparencies. You can also hide lines of panties under tight skirts and prevent skirt moving over your body.

It is extremely light, subtle piece and in female end that slowly turns into a basic of the lingerie.

Different models of petticoat

Just as there are different models of bras and different models of panties, petticoats also have variety and it is good to know its features to define what is appropriate for you.

Average petticoat – one of the two large groups which divide underskirt is “half petticoat”. This model is so called because it only covers half of the body from the waist down.

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Lumia Mclaren Gel Stroke: Microsoft’s Larger Lumia 1020?

With the Lumia McLaren Nokia collector Microsoft had literally big. The Smartphone was regarded as the official successor of the Lumia 1020 until the development is stopped suddenly. Until now, photos of the prototype emerge. And you show a too large part Lumia 1020.

Lumia Mclaren Gel Stroke Microsoft's Larger Lumia 1020

Actually Microsoft’s Lumia McLaren would have been ready in these days for sale in the trade. Had pulped months ago the project of the technology giant. The successor of the Lumia 1020 (the Smartphone with the oversized 41-mega pixel camera) became the topic of conversation in advance due to the planned 3D-Touch-Technik. She should enable also a more complex operation of games and apps without having a touch of the display would have been required. Microsoft according to Tom Warren of the verge adheres to the 3D technology continues. Only by the Lumia McLaren we get nothing you more to see pictures of the prototypes, which is now making the rounds on future.

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