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Google Launches Selfie-Slam Android Commercial

New commercial for Android: Google has released a short video on YouTube that should awaken lust on the operating system. The spot just 15 seconds long, Google will emphasize the diversity which exist on Android smartphones – particularly in relation to the cameras.

In the film, which from the style on South Park is a basketball player, see, which attaches to a slam dunk. While he is in the air, he will be photographed by the enthusiastic audience – and scans with a Selfie himself, when he lost the ball in the basket. The spot ends with the words: “android. be together. not the same.”

Smartphone Cameras In Focus

With the video Google enters on a continuing trend: the power of cameras is an aspect that influences the purchase decision with Smartphones increasingly. Especially strong front cameras lie in the trend for some time, because many smartphone users like to photographed with Selfies itself. The appropriate technology has quickly become an important feature of current smartphones.

So evolved, for example, the resolution of 5 MP camera on the front also for mid-range smartphones slowly standard – and is long since no unique selling point of previous flagship models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Mega Campaign: iPhone 6 Giant Photos On Skyscrapers

Apple starts to demonstrate iPhone 6: to the quality of the camera of the Smartphone bestseller from Cupertino advertising campaign for the new, decorated Apple cloud scratch around the world with oversized photos that are taken with the iPhone 6.

Don’t make a mess, but pads. Apple goes great guns in its new advertising campaign, to demonstrate the benefits of the camera of the iPhone 6, as reported 9To5Mac. Already a few days ago Apple has called a world gallery in life on his Web site, which shows stunning images from around the world, with the camera of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus were recorded.

The Global iPhone 6 Photo Splendour

But now Apple goes a step further, by it gives a particularly grand entrance selected photos. 77 different motifs decorate skyscrapers in 24 countries now as giant advertisements. While the ads are only from the image, as well as pointing out that the photo with an iPhone 6 is shot. The recordings come inter alia from Viet Nam, Spain, Tokyo, and Scotland.

The huge high-rise building decorations are divided into social networks like Twitter already diligently. That’s just a coincidence has been that Apple has simultaneously launched the campaign with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at MWC, not once. The images, however, show no doubt what nowadays is possible with Smartphone cameras and the matching apps in the photo area.

Top Spring Summer Fashion Trends

The winter weather should not prevent people from looking ahead. For it is soon – according to the calendar if nothing else – time to spring, and that means new trends and colors. In this blog post, the spring and summer trends are talked about, so you can be well dressed for the – hopefully – good and long summer.

But before looking ahead, look back last year first. It is not all the trends from the past year that deserves to be thrown out to the right – and some of the same colors and trends go again this year. So what characterized last year and what you may want to keep in your wardrobe a bit yet?

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Cheap Tuxedo Shopping Guide

There is something eternal classic by a man in a tuxedo. What comes to mind is Sean Connery in the role of James Bond, or on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the rest of The Rat Pack. People are reminiscent of men with style, men with charisma and radiance. A large part of this radiation came from their attire and get around. Here it is now possible for you to get a cheap Tuxedo-and especially for new year’s Eve will do well.

where can i buy a cheap tuxedo

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Android Operating System Problems

December is really a good month. Since there are the advent calendar and also the advent Sundays, Christmas and new year’s Eve. Fill up a time of contemplation and of the forces. But not when it comes to Google OS.

In the contact application of latest jelly bean December namely simply missing times completely. Create birthdays in December? Is it not !

Well, almost.  You can continue this to create your Google account on the computer. Just like in the Android developers but, will come relatively quickly a bug fix and you again create people that have seen the light of day in the winter month.

How to Choose Pants

The well-dressed, young man, of course, has a great selection of pants – ranging from jeans, chinos to suit pants. A large selection of pants can vary your style, and it is without doubt to shape your overall look. However, it is not so easy to differentiate between the different kind of pants anymore – and the clear lines that existed 30 years ago, is slowly being washed out.

Many things were easier in the past that distinguished only between business and casual. Today, the progressive men’s fashion contributed to these sharply defined concepts don’t really exist anymore. So a degree of inflection of the traditional concepts. This means, of course, for the modern man, to the possibilities of the composition of today’s outfit is huge. You can only see it as a bonus, since it offers a little more free rein – and personality can be allowed to shine through. But, it also means that the modern, young men must orient themselves in a greater variety and not at least come to terms with the clothes, he now even like best.

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ZTE Dual-SIM Blade V6 Smartphone Review

ZTE has presented in advance of the IFA with the new blade V6 2015 another Smartphone. The unit has a 5-inch screen, an aluminum frame and LTE. With this Smartphone, especially younger users will be addressed.

The new ZTE blade V6 will be available from 1 September 2015 in the trade. The Smartphone has a 5-inch (12.7 cm defined on ablogtophone) display. Also the housing is made here first fully aluminium, which reduce the weight and heat can derive better. By the rounded corners, the developers of the blade V6 have missed an ergonomic design and made sure that it lies well in the hand. With 6.8 mm, the Smartphone has been designed also very thin.

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Wooden Keyboard Buy

A country will like it if there are natural surfaces that can be touched. It is nice to touch the aluminum MacBook, iPhone and iPad for Apple lovers.

Wooden Keyboard Buy

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LG Best-looking Android Wear Smartwatch Urbane

The LG watch urbane already 2015 had presented at MWC in Barcelona, the Smartwatch is coming finally to Germany. The watch is urban is expected from September 2015 in Germany available.

Smartwatch Charging Cradle Dock For LG G Watch Urbane W150 Smart Watch Charger Adapter WithMicro Usb Cable

LG is bringing his new watch urban finally in Germany on the market. The company has announced the Smartwatch with LTE function for September. The central element of the LG watch urban is a round, 1.3-inch P-OLED display. Unlike the LG watch R, this display but has a narrower margin and looks so much more elegant. Otherwise, the product has all the features of a good watch and is also a fashion accessory. The housing made of stainless steel is available in polished silver finish and gives a classic look with a genuine leather strap with sight stitching. This bracelet against each standard tape can be replaced with 22 mm in width depending on the occasion and taste of the user.

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LG OLED TVs Reviews

100% Original Whaley WTV55K1 55 55 inch TV 4K HD flat-panel Smart TV Ali YUNOS LED TV Household TV

LG Electronics enters its OLED campaign launched in autumn its product logo on the shirts of the club Bayer 04 , whose main sponsor LG since 2013 is. Instead of using the usual logo from LG will wear the Werkself now OLED-logo of the company on the chest to support the 360-degree campaign. Learn more about what is OLED on this dictionary website.

LG OLED TVs come out thanks to self-luminous pixels without backlight and thus represent perfect blacks. In contrast to conventional LCD and LED TVs, green and even blue white pixels have LG OLED TVs in addition to the primary colors of red, as a result, the colors are lifelike and realistic. LG has launched the 360-degree campaign to make the device even better known. In the course of this, logo on the shirts of Bayer Leverkusen is exchanged. Now, the OLED company logo adorns the chest of the Werkself kicker.

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