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New Features in Windows 10 Mobile, and Hands-on with Build 10080

There have been a number of new features in the latest Windows build 10 Mobile, see them here.

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build with number 10080 offers a number of new features, among other things, is HTC One M8 for Windows now among the supported devices.

Other new features include Windows Store Beta, universal Office applications, Xbox app, Video and Music Preview app as well as new camera application.

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How to Get the Schoolgirl Look

That’s it, smells like school. While some are weakly sharpening their stilettos, others jump feet together in the fall/winter 2007 trends, with for example, a schoolgirl look- 2007-08 promotion…

The complete presentation of this trend is here.

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Tonic Gym Wear

A lot of sweat into perspective for this new Fashion Fight musico-sportsman. When the Tecktonik confronts the Gym Tonic, heat in the Leotard! The settlement of account all expected (finally with me that’s at least one person) finally arrives! As usual, two opponents but one winner possible and it’s you who decides!

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Flare or Skinny Jeans

Two cuts, two styles, two ways, but only one winner. That denim flare or slim will win this Fight Fashion? The confrontation looks terrible and it’s time for you to take advantage. No more nice compromise, fake-ass and hypocrisy: between the flare or the skinny, he will have to choose…

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The Big Knit

Here’s an intended topic for some time, and who, given the drop in temperatures, falls conveniently. But I won’t talk of the rain and the weather: this is fashion that it is!

At the end of the 2000s, fashion is the mix of materials. Thus, in recent seasons, it is a good idea to mix precious textures (satin, chiffon, lace) and rustic materials (skin, wool, raw flax). To push still further this purpose “mix & match”, the creators more often offer huge mesh knitted items. A bit like a grandmother, instead of needles to knit fashion stole the drumsticks of his small son who plays in a band of Metal… um, but I digress.

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Most Ethical Fashion Brands

Dear madmoizelle, now is the time for me to tickle your (future) commitment to the environment, to tickle your (nascent) modesque ethics and awaken your thirst for meetings and knowledge (Nothing). This is Maud and Charly, artists creators respectively of Toubab Paris and Makabu, two brands that deserve to be known. Presentation.

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Nautical Terms Weigh Anchor

Again this summer, the sea inspires fashion and it’s a tidal wave of anchors who runs aground in our wardrobes. Yes, Yes, anchors for example found in the back of a sweater tunic in silk and cashmere at Berenice, version sweater bling-bling at Ecko Red or kitsch jewelry for Louis Vuitton!

Well, anchors agree, remains to be seen how to wear them and adapt them to each style. If the RADIUS ready-to-wear, there used to cross, so far it was rather in a chic and classic style: Marie-Chantale to the beach or the bride of Captain Haddock version good chic good genre (walleye, totes, polo, etc buttons). Then the anchors version spring summer 2008, what do we do?

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Fashion Collections Inspired by Travel

If trends can sometimes surprise us, it is the classic that it is even more surprising to see back, again and again… So each spring, get out of the flowers you want here and summer in view, no surprise to see (and review) the sea or travel inspired collections. Few surprises when certain influences, but currents and interpretations that reinvent themselves to infinity-and all the better for me, otherwise I have to find another job. Mouhahaha.

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Spartans Summer Camp

The Spartan is, as its name suggests, a rudimentary shoe made of leather strips that hold a thin sole. We imagine it often at the feet of the Gladiators and other extras vestals in an episode of Xena the Warrior Princess (mythical series which I am ready to talk to you in MP).And if priori it wasn’t really the kind of pumps that could to tell (“look at the ties between my ears”), today she take their revenge! More likely than ever, the Spartan offers a comfortable place in the very select list of the must in the summer and offers including a few more or less sophisticated variations. Spartans summer 2008, version operating instructions.

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Fashion Shopping in New York

If Paris is the capital of fashion, New York is surely that of shopping! The Big Apple is full of shops of all kinds, of the huge benchmark fashion to the small temple of the vintage, there are everything and at all prices.

And once my feet across the Atlantic, the idea of changing style tickled me mind. Lifestyle change, change of look! I decided to go on a shopping session, a day to explore the shops looking for authentic and chic clothes. Narrative of this journey fringuesque or my quest for the vintage in a strange land.

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