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Basics of a Wardrobe

Are there of the essential to have in our wardrobe? What is the minimum on the side of our wardrobe? Try to make a list.

When you have in hands his own money and as we begin to build his style, we’re heading more often to specific, slightly eccentric pieces.

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Fashion Design Study in London

The editor mode of madmoiZelle was fortunate to study fashion in London. Today she made you share his experience and practical tips!

Before you come over madmoiZelle, I was predestined to work in a Design Office. To quickly summarize my journey, I had a fairly common training: an upgrade of Applied Arts in la Martiniere Lyon Diderot, a BTS Fashion Design in the school of the Cholet Mode then a license Mode and high Technologies still in the city of the handkerchief. As part of this license that I had the opportunity to fly study in my beloved City: London.

How to apply? Why is it different from French schools? Is that worth it? Let’s go across the channel, I’ll tell you everything.

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Mexico Fashion Trends

The trend fashion made in Mexico is spreading like wildfire among brands. So how well visually vibrate to the sound of maracas and be fitting with your House guacamole? Answers in two parts.

It is perhaps the summer of Mexico (Although everyone can unfortunately not enjoy) in fashion inspired by the outfits and gimmicks traditional of the country of Frida Kahlo. If you’re a fan, two options to choose, to swap, or mix at the same time; a more classic, more feminine and also a little more romantic, the New Mexico version.

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How to Wear Mermaid Style

Nyv is one of the main trends for summer 2012, which is not simple to wear in real life Street. Here are a few tips.

The list of our forbidden fashion is often long as something very long.

You swear your gods, in every season, that this new and strange fad of the magazines will never land in your dressing room. No, the satchel and the “claudine” col will not pass by you.

Yes. Five blouses and two dresses to little model girl looks later, maybe it’s time to know what you’re going to wear next summer, and to understand why, rather than sinking in denial.

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Pinterest Fashion Trends

In need of inspiration mode? This is a non-exhaustive list of accounts Pinterest who “pinent” of fashion, just for the pleasure of the eyes.

Not on Pinterest yet? And then what is expected, hop hop hop! Flo explain everything-kesse-kil-fo-do here: Pinterest, operating instructions. And if you’re interested in fashion, I’ll give you a few leads to follow immediately.

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Mid Season Fashion

How to dress in the mid-season by abandoning the scarf not to catch the drop to the nose? Easy tips and to recycle clothes that advertise summer.

Spring has arrived yesterday, not easy for everybody to switch her closet for her wardrobe of summer winter.

It is cooled by the chilly air of the morning, feels still good in this coat that has been our best friend in February and put its knackis in flats without socks, even talking.

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How to Dress a Muscular Female Body

How to dress when it has broad shoulders and arms muscled, that it is a bit small but it doesn’t necessarily look like a closet Pocket ice?

Aurora, which ends up being a girl muscle, sent me the following message:

My “problem” is the following: I am (very) sports and the activities I do develop more muscles that they don’t refine the silhouette… in addition to my not very fine skeleton at the base. I am not yet like an East German swimmer, it is not extreme right.

So here is what I look like: 1 m 63, 53 pounds of muscles, broad shoulders, arms with visible biceps, a thin waist, wide hips, buttocks, thighs and thick calves. Otherwise I have breasts, not huge no more: C Cup.
Here’s what I see myself: Mickie James, a wrestler. I have no such enormous breasts (redone), and a little less muscle, but she is 1 m 63 like me and I think look like her somewhat.

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Back to School Fashion Trends

Fashion school, it is the only thing that give you some balm to the heart in the late summer. Here are some ideas of looks to get the pill in September.

It’s not winter yet!

We re-there in this species of any niquee mid-season. It does not really beautiful, really hot no more but we can’t say that it’s cold. Summer is well and truly over (there are areas where he has never started) but the time has not yet come out the sweaters. And in the street, there is necessarily improbable situations between a girl who comes back from the Cap d’Agde molded into her curly mesh shorts and another bundled up in a duffle-coat, frightened by the gray sky. So where is the happy medium for back?

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Navajo Prints Fashion

Navajo print spend the summer to become one of the flagship of the fall of 2011. Can we keep his old coins and how to wear this season?

We recycle

Navajo prints, Aztec print, not the same continent but all United under the same ethnic and geometric pattern. Last winter the trend was already long Peruvian poncho of small Pied Piper. Good news, If you have invested in the coverage of high mountain, she is always fashionable in 2011-2012. On shorts or a straight jean, you like the previous year choose to surround it to the size (and find you something in common with a wrap) or leave it loose. Very hot, it easily replaces the classic form of the ordinary coat.

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How to Wear Python Print

The python print is the new leopard. It’s a pattern of old beeyatch and yet you know that even if he has a little trouble to go to the beginning, the suppository will return anyway. Here are a few tips.

Why two years ago, the python print it was for the old hag?

Because the python skin, like the Croc (skins of reptiles), the real thing – a bit like fur-it’s rare, and all what is rare is expensive. The old hag like spend its dollars in clothes of exceptions. Also because the python skin is not quite smooth. Y’ has scales, some rough areas here and there. Who knows, perhaps reminds him a bit his skin, which is more award-winning freshness. Whatever it is, what the fur is to his coat, the python is his bag and his boots.

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