2014 Trend In Party Dresses

If you like to go out and have fun and wear a dress every time you go out, then you can’t miss the 2014 trends that are characterized by the elegance and the presence of sparkles. Generally speaking we have to mention the precious stones, sequins, fringes, feathers or the style of the 20 years which is reflected in the vesta and dresses as you can see from various styles and for all tastes. Today we show some of the larger trends in party dresses featured in 2014.

What Are The Trends In Party Dress For This Year?

To dress fashionable in their festive events, you should know that the pedrarias never go out of fashion and will make you feel very elegant. With these details you get shiny and luxurious effect. May appear in the form of embellishment or spread throughout the dress.This type of dress is ideal to go to a wedding as a guest.

There is a tendency that mixes the sequins with other ornaments, such as precious stones. Well, also make your gala presence in party dresses and the result are very different and very glamorous.

Vintage style already was present last year continues to be trend in party dresses, and we can find in clothing companies that bet for dresses with fringes, feathers at the bottom of the suit or the whole body. It is ideal for women who are looking for a touch of sophistication.

So too is the style that celebrates 20 years in return dresses that remind us that time films, but in a more modern version. Thus, we find dresses inspired by cabaret, corsets, loose dresses with belts at the time of the hip and silhouettes that enhance the female body in long party dresses.

A style that will also be very fashionable is to use a side slit dress in a way that shows part of the leg and shows a very sexy and suggestive style.

What about the necklines, in 2014 there are various styles and you can find more variety than the previous year. Strapless, V-shaped necklines and sexy will be all right visas, as well as the back with transparencies or with lace very well worked.

The natural world also has your presence in party dresses, especially in summer. Thus we can find designs with floral prints or subtle embroidery. The same way, we find dresses with geometric figures.

In what refers to color palette, designers are betting on draw the sweet side with pastel shades that are the big bet of the season. We also found classic colors such as black, red and Navy Blue that had great presence in 2013.