20 Ideas For Decorating With Glass Jars

There is currently a very bold slogan, recycle and reuse. These practices are friendly to the planet and lend themselves to create unique and very original decoration pieces. Long ago, our grandmothers taught us to give him a second chance to things that were apparently over its useful life.

The result was always wonderful, hand-crafted objects serving as well as a decorative role, in the majority of cases a practical function. I know that many of us keep many things to reuse, and however many times we do not know what to do with them. If you are like me and have some saved glass jars, you’ll love them are ideas that will also help to beautify your home.

Ideas for decorating with glass jars

1. minimalist chandelier

With just a few candles and some white stones, you can give a touch of elegance to your home.

2 bottles of lace

Beautiful! Ideal for putting flowers or for storing all kinds of small parts.

3 light for music lovers

If you are one of those who they love music in general you will love the this idea. You will take your scores in your candlesticks.

4 returning to the natural

Personally this is one of my favorite centerpieces. You only need some tree bark and a tape to give a very rustic touch to your home.

5 Butterfly Gardens

These small gardens will steal the eyes of your guests. It is a true work of art, and you won’t need many tools to bring the magic of butterflies to your spaces.

6 jars for spices

Decorate with glass jars in the kitchen is a classic. But what if now you use adhesive paper to customize them?

7 candelabra with crystals

If yours is the exotic you will love these candlesticks with crystals.They are ideal for vintage, kitch spaces or for all those who want to give a very fashion to your home.

  1. the House of the birdsThis idea will bring out your more tender side and craft.What if you create a small house for birds with crochet and fabric?

9 Cutlery tray

This idea is fantastic because you only need a little bit of paint and let your creativity fly. These watermelons are lovely, but you can just customize them with the design that you like.

10 bottles vintage

With a little paint and some fabric, you can have a game of multipurpose canisters that also looks phenomenal.

11 thread and needle

This is the simplest idea of all and looks great as well as useful.Only need to adapt a base to the lid to keep your needles and ready!

12 microjardines

If you’ve always wanted to have a garden but you stop because you have a small space, you will find the solution in this idea.

13 candlestick Collage

Some paper and some glue will make your bottles a few chandeliers that are a feast of color.

14 decorated with cold porcelain

Cold porcelain is very cost-effective and the best is that you can use it for multiple decorations. It is easy to mold, and so you can customize your bottles as you see fit, to create precious treasure chests.

15 photo frame

This idea is very simple and the effect is great. Test with one or several vials and celebrates your moments.

16 crochet chests

If you want to learn crochet in addition to wanting to decorate your jars, this idea is the perfect motivation.

17 napkin rings

Paint your jars as you see fit yourself and keep your napkins on them.

  1. Marine candelabraNetworks, pebbles, sisal and some marine parts can help you to create some very original bottles that evoke the marine environment.

19 candle holders outdoor

If you have gardens or courtyards this idea will help you adapt it to create a romantic and bright atmosphere.

20 vases Rainbow

This idea is beautiful and is perfect in all types of spaces. You only need different varieties of bottles, colored stones, and your favorite flowers.

We hope these ideas to find the perfect to give life to all those jars that you no longer use.