15 Wedding Trends News Will Be a Hit!

Drip cake Cake, balloons, shabby chic style and drones appear among the novelties of marriage to 2017.

Do you plan to get married next year? Then it’s time to meet the 2017 wedding trends. The sector has not been so shaken by the crisis, so there are many novelties for the bride and groom who want to organize a unforgettable party.

The main wedding shows, as the fair Married Bridal Expo & festivals, and have presented the news on marriage. These trends are not just related to decoration, but also to the menu, invitations and entertainment according to hbbltd.com.

15 wedding Trends 2017

The House and Party have chosen the main novelties of marriage to 2017. Check out:


The balloon with helium gas ceased to be something exclusive for birthday parties and spent part of the wedding market. The idea is to include ornamentas in balloons decoration, in order to make the atmosphere cheerful and relaxed. These decorations normally appear in the shape of a heart and funny phrases.

2-rustic decor

The rustic decor for marriage is on the rise, to the joy of the couple wishing to get married in the place, on the farm or Ranch. Both the ceremony as the party win a rustic and countryside through wooden furniture, colorful arrangements, jute and earthy colours.

3-style shabby chic

The new style of wedding decoration, known as “shabby chic”, not just on the field inspires rusticity. He mixes traditional rustic retro elements and contemporary pieces.

A shabby chic composition combines Provencal furniture, floral prints, arrangements with delicate flowers and bright colors as well as white and soft pink. The result is always a bucolic air and romantic decoration.

4-Invitations with special treats

It’s been a while since the wedding invitation is no longer a simple paper with information about the event. In 2017, the bride and groom can exude style, taste and personality through invitations with special treats. These models are perfect for gift giving godfathers and godmothers, accompany cigars, bracelets and even mini drinks.

5 – luxurious Chandelier

The wedding market offers many possibilities for those who want to make a refined decoration, such as the luxurious chandelier. This high standard, all coated with crystals, let the sophisticated roof and greatly increases the glamour of the party.

At the fair Married 2016, the chandelier was not used only to illuminate and decorate, but also to accommodate the honeys. Very luxury, isn’t it?

6 – elements that tell story

As we have seen in the rustic decor and boho chic, the objects that tell history contribute to the look of the wedding. This means that the bride and groom need to leave the party with “family heirlooms”. Items such as antique furniture, Oriental rugs, frames Baroque frames and aged metal accessories are welcome to the wedding.


The coffee cart, simple, cool and stylish hipster, is an excellent choice for outdoor weddings. The versions that serve bullets with different flavors, churros and Brigadier also represent a good choice to surprise the guests at the party.

8 – strong colors and vivid

The bride and groom who don’t like a lot of romantic tones can be free to use a mix of bold colors and vivid decoration. Shades like red and yellow are at high, especially with regard to mounting arrangements. The trick is to get away from the obvious and be creative while riding the wedding palette.

9-drip Cake Cake

Everything indicates that the naked cake is getting in the past and making room for the “cake. This new wedding cake has as main characteristic the drain cover, which can be a chocolate ganache or frosting.

10-custom Snack

Deliver a special snack at the end of the party for each guest is one of the 2017 wedding trends. This snack can consist of a small Pringles, a mini Coca-Cola and a jar of Nutella. These items must be customized with the hologram of the bride and groom and the wedding colors.

12-virtual Tester

The guests who want to get the coveted bouquet also wish to see dressed as a bride. Come to think of it, was created the virtual dressing room. After assembling the look, you can take pictures and share on social networks.

13-DJ Robot

The photo booth is getting in the past. Now the humanized robot is one of the big news of the wedding market in terms of technology. Operated by remote control, he interacts with guests on the dance floor and lets you take several pictures.


The Drone is another technology that is taking care of weddings. It can be used for taking pictures and also to throw rose petals in engaged.

15-dehydrated Flowers

The dehydrated flowers promise to influence the arrangements fitting in 2017. They are durable, modern and beautify the space without creating an artificial appearance.

And there? What did you think of the news for marriage 2017? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.