12 Best Apps For Android Tablets and Reading iPad

Not everyone thinks in investing only in e-readers (like the Kindle) and prefers to do your reading ebooks on your Android tablet or iPad even. But the question which is in this case is always about which application to use. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best reading applications for Android and iPad tablets, thus enjoy a better reading experience. Prepared?

1. Kindle

You might not even have a Kindle from Amazon, but you can have the official e-reader application if you want! It offers functions similar to those found in the original device (except the screen mimic a sheet of paper, of course) and you still have access to your entire library of ebooks purchased on Amazon.

It is completely free and can be downloaded for both Android, how to iPad in their respective stores. To have it in your list of apps, just click here!

2. Aldiko

Formerly, the Aldiko reading app was standard on Android devices and was already installed in many of them. Even that now Google Play Books has taken this place, the old application does not lose your popularity among users and continues to offer much quality.

The Aldiko allows you to read several ebook formats, giving you more options and less headache to the user, and soon will also be available for the iPad! Download the app via this link.

3. Cool Reader

The Cool Reader it’s more intended for those who are accustomed to reading apps or e-readers, because it offers so many options and not very intuitive interface, something that could startle someone that never downloaded an application for reading ebooks.

Still, the app is very good and supports various formats and files. As it is not linked directly to any store, you always have to put their books directly on Android or iPad to have them in your library. The Cool Reader can be downloaded here.

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4. iBooks

The recommendation of iBooks for iPad users is almost unnecessary, but in the midst of so many choices, it’s worth remembering the app, he remains one of the best apps of the Apple tablet, offering thousands of books that can be purchased by the application itself.

Of course you can also import files from third parties to be read into it, if you prefer. If he hasn’t, it can be downloaded from this link.

5. Google Play Books

This is a kind of obvious recommendation for those who have an Android device, since he even comes factory installed in some. But what a lot of people have no idea, is that Google Books Play is also available for download on iPad.

With millions of books available for shopping and various promotions that occur fairly often, this is definitely a good option to be considered. You can download the Google Play Books for this link.

6. FBReader

FBReader offers many of the options of other applications, but also has a few themes to customize your appearance. He is a solid app and makes reading of various formats of ebooks right comfortable.

You can import your entire library of books easily to FBReader, which is also an advantage in some other applications. FBReader can be found at this link.

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7. Kobo

Like the Kindle, Kobo e-reader also offers a free application for anyone who does not have the device. With it, you can check out and buy millions of titles available (many of them free!) in your store.

He offers several language options, add ebooks by email or cloud service accounts (like Dropbox) and even read books that are available at a public library in your region. You can do this app download through this link.

8. Nook

In addition to having a store with more than 2 million books, the Nook also has newspapers and magazines, many of which can be downloaded for free.

The application also has a dictionary, to assist the user during your reading and offers some free books as soon as you install it on your device. Enjoy and download the Nook by clicking here!

9. Moon + Reader

One of the most popular reading today, the Moon + has several customization options and still reads almost all existing formats of ebooks.

There is a free version and another pay (with some extra functions), and in different ways, the two end up paying off. The Moon + is available for download at this link.

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10. Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire is another great and popular option for users of the iPad, especially for being free.

You can download the ebooks I already have without many problems, since the app offers great support for various formats. The Bluefire Reader can be downloaded through this link.

11. PocketBook Reader

Already the PocketBook Reader is one of the simpler and lighter options, if you’re not so worried about customization or advanced options.

Which is exactly why he is one of the most easy to use and even read many of the most popular formats of ebooks. If you are looking for something very minimalist, download the PocketBook Reader at liuxers.com.

12. Mantano Ebook Reader

The Mantano Ebook Reader is another favorite of Android users! He relies on cloud service that will let you sync your ebooks on multiple platforms and supports several different formats.

It is very easy to use and brings well advanced options to make the reading as pleasant as possible. the Mantano Ebook Reader can be found at this link.

Which reading app to choose?

As you see, there are several options for your Android or iPad. The choice will depend on what you primarily more values. Obviously, the native options of Android and iPad tablets are an excellent choice, but it’s worth checking the rest. You never know if you will not be apaxionar by one of them, right?

And of these apps, which is your favorite? Already use some of them? What do you recommend and why?