10 Tips to Sell Your Used Smartphone

Whether you’re drooling on the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 or another gadget that is at the top of the line for smartphones, it might be a good time to consider your sales strategy for your former companion. When it comes to selling your used smartphone, below are a few things to keep in mind.

Set your goals

Do you prefer to have an uncomplicated experience or get as much money as you can, no matter how painful the process is? There are many ways to sell handsets these days, and they offer different levels of ease or value. We have Facebook, eBay, OLX and many other ways where you can make money. However, you will have to take into consideration the time you want to invest in the transaction.

Consider your timing

Maybe the new version of your phone is still wandering in the land of rumors. Or maybe it was only announced but not yet released. In both cases, time can be very important here. Once the new generation model arrives, the old one can decrease in value very quickly. So, take your time and consider your options, but do not take too long. These months of indecision can end up costing you dearly.

Search prices

Speaking of value, this is one more reason to do your homework. Although you may want the total price for your handset, in most cases you will probably have to set a slightly lower amount. Check out places like Powered by Blogger. and others to see how much your smartphone is currently selling to get a sense of some of the more reasonable expectations.

Set a shipping policy for payment only

Expect to have the money in hand or in your account in order to send the product to the buyer, especially in cases of purchase and sale online. There are several cases of people who have made deposits with empty envelopes, plus many other types of scams that can turn your beautiful old smartphone into a ghost of your past.

10 Tips to Sell Your Used Smartphone

Format your device!

You would not deliver a stranger your email accounts, appointments, tasks and other sensitive data. Of course, you will want to back up and/or transfer your data. But when this task is done, do not just get rid of all those accounts off the machine as you do a full factory reset data. There are apps for this or you can do directly on the setup screen of your handset.

Update Operating System

After formatting your device, install the latest version of the OS on your device so that the new owner sees the model in the best possible performance and the newest it can.

Perform a complete external cleaning of the appliance

There are numerous cleaning kits for electronic gadgets that you can use. The cleaner, the more valued it will be. Buy a kit and wipe it from the top down, removing all those pieces of chocolate you ate while using the device.

Always use a protective film and

Who likes scratched cell phone? No one. The only way to really avoid scratches is by protecting your device with specific covers and protective films. The cell phone will be highly valued with this very simple care.

Do not lie about the state of the appliance.

If he has already fallen into a privy, he does not have to say details. Tell him that he has fallen into the water but has not suffered any serious damage. Just be honest with what has already happened to your device, because if the person discovers the defect before you speak, it will greatly devalue the device, if not choose to cancel the purchase.

Consider the exchange

Someone did not offer you money, but did you have something else that you would like to exchange for the device? Besides, would I still pay a little more for the exchange and the apparatus? If you find a valid exchange for an item of similar value, it pays to balance the opportunity and not let it slip from your hands anyway.

Final considerations

Do not expect to get much money for your used cell phone. These devices are updated very often and therefore lose value quickly. However, it can become a great trading currency if you are patient and find the right market for it.

In the end, we even wish you good luck in your sale, because you will need a little.

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