10 Tips to Make Your Phone Last Longer

This article will cover tips to keep your cell phone safe and make it last for a long time. It could be that even then, you still want to change your cell phone with a good frequency.But it is always good to be able to resell your device for a good price or even have a device in good repair as a reserve for emergencies. So here are the 10 essential tips that will exponentially increase the durability of your mobile device.

Security above all else

As mobile phones are delicate, they are bound to be handled with extra care. For good results, it is best to wear a protective cap  and always grip the device firmly in the hands.

Protect your screen from scratches

Even Gorilla Glass is not immune to scratches. So wear a screen protector. Protect yourself from scratches by means of a protective film, which is a transparent scratch resistant plastic that does not interfere with the normal use of your device and also prevents risks and damages to your device.

Have firm hands

Always take care that your device does not fall. The most common reason for the fall is you keep it in the front pocket and fold up to lift. Always check your device in your pocket before getting up from somewhere and prefer large pockets so your device does not risk falling. Be careful with wet or slippery hands when picking up the appliance.

Flee from moisture

Take care that your device does not fall into any liquid. If it falls, remove the battery immediately, open the phone, and dry it thoroughly. Place it inside a bowl full of rice so that the rice absorbs the moisture and try turning it on again after a day. Also, avoid taking your phone to the bathroom during the shower. Moisture in the air can damage the unit.

10 Tips to Make Your Phone Last Longer

Always cleaning

Clean the appliance at regular intervals using cotton and some cell phone cleaning kit. Be careful not to let liquids enter the unit and damage the internal circuits.

Kids not!

If you want your kids to learn about cell phones, please buy them a toy cell phone. Most people allow their children to play with their cell phones and then repent. Also children put phones in their mouths, and their saliva can damage the phone. So prevention is better than cure!

Workout is a hazard.

Take care of the gym. While you’re working out, the sweat that comes out can damage your cell phone. Also, they are weights, equipment and many other heavy things that can fall on your device and vice versa .. So be careful and keep it in a safe place while exercising.

Get out of the rain!

Be careful when it’s raining: Protect your phone. If it is raining heavily, it is best to keep your phone in a plastic bag or better yet there are many covers available that are waterproof.

Delivered in the hands of those who order the appliance

Never play your player. Be careful never to throw your phone at anyone else. If he drops the phone is more likely to break.

Beware of thefts

Do not leave it anywhere. If you leave the phone unattended or unattended, it is more likely to be lost or stolen. And even with location apps , you may never see your device in front of you again, as it was the case of a friend of mine who lost his iPhone and was unable to retrieve it with Apple’s Find My Phone because the device was formatted before of this.

What tips can you share with us? Have you ever had a boring situation with your device or someone else?

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