10 Items to Consider Before Purchasing the Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioning is the most modern style, quiet and with advanced technology that ensures energy saving.

Do you want to know how the split air conditioner works? The equipment works with two units: the evaporator (installed inside the house) and the condenser (outside). Just by having two units, the unit produces less noise. These two parts are interconnected by means of pipes that allow a large distance between the units.

Before you bring home your split air conditioner, know what is essential for the device performance:

1) Evaluate the type of housing. This question is related to the fact that your house is covered with tiles, which heat the room, or slab, type of structure that does not heat the room. Information like this is important to set the machine’s power.

2) Take into consideration the room where you want to install (living room, bedroom or kitchen). This will influence the choice for the amount of appliances in the environment, since these devices heat the site.

3) You should note the amount of square meters that the room has. Then calculate how many BTUs (British unit used to measure the cooling capacity of a unit) the equipment must have. Learn to calculate BTUs.

4) Do not forget to consider whether the environment is exposed to the sun, especially in the afternoon, which is stronger. If this is your reality, the machine should be more powerful.

5) Check that there are many windows in the room: the more you have, the higher heat input. The curtain, in turn, minimizes this heating.

6) Do you know how many people will be on the environment? Consider how many people will use the site from time to time, as in a living room. After all, the more people in a room, the greater the heat and, consequently, the unit should have more power.

7) Evaluate the type and amount of light used on site. Incandescent light, yellow light, generate more heat than fluorescent, and white light.

8) Do not forget the drain installation (hose) to drain water produced by the product.

9) For the proper installation of split air conditioning, you will need a technician. You will need to make a small hole 3 inches in diameter.

10) Count on this professional support when performing maintenance, usually every six months.