10 Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen With Recycled Materials

When we have little space in the kitchen always we have to resort to tricks and ideas in order to save everything we have and then find it at first. We are sure that once you’ve had to go digging at the bottom of the closet some ingredient and at the end was not you. Well, maybe these ideas already you won’t with nothing.You’ll find all the first!

To organize spices you can opt for any of these ideas. This option only you will need boats laboratory and corks. You can place them in this way, with a Board of wood fixed to the wall, or you can put the bottles inside a pot or basket if you do not want to make holes in the wall of your kitchen.
Another option is to magnetise a glass pots caps to be able to ‘stick’ onto a metal plate placed on the wall. You can place tags on the bases of the boats to be able to identify them more easily.

You can also make a few grocers like these. you only need pots of marmalade, paint and labels in order to differentiate what they contain. They are precious!

You can store both pasta and vegetables or cereals reuse glass and plastic boats, as craftinlearning suggests. You only have to keep the food inside and add a distinctive with a permanent marker. It is a better way to preserve food, even will last longer than their real packaging.

If you are a MOM or dad that you have more than one of thosecans of milk continued to occupy room in house. Thus in this way no longer they will occupy you site, they will give you. Only need spray paint, rubber eva, velcro, and markers. Look!

You can also use tuppers don’t use frequently.

Customize your own jars by adding phrases and designs withpaint for glass. To make them more uniform you can paint all the covers of the same color with acrylic paint.

To gain space only, you have to put the boat on the roof of the shelves. Make holes on the tops with a nail and then screw them to the shelf. You can save anything. Of space that takes advantage!

All have plastic bags accumulated in the kitchen drawers. Recycling a can or a bottle can do a dispenser such as this. You only have to make a hole in the lid or CAP and go putting bags one to one linking them handles to pull one another out. You can decorate them with paint or Washi-tape if you like.

And what about silverware? If you not have site in the drawers toorganize the cutlery you can store them using metal cans as in this option. You only have to paint them and link them with each other using a wooden table to make this sort of porta covered. You can put a handle to make you easier to move it. You can even take it to the table! Your guests will be amazed.
You’ve liked these ideas? Put them into practice and tell us about your experience in the craft Facebook page have some other trick?