1 & 1 Smartpad

1 & 1 with Smartpad, which costs 300 euros without a DSL contract – and with no cents fueled the growing market of Web tablets.

The DSL specialist uses a 7-inch display with 800 x 480 pixels in his tablets offered by 1 & 1 together with a new contract either instead of 150 euro starting balance. More area and above all a higher resolution would of course meet the surfing in the Internet, but the price, as well as spatial restrictions on the living room table and in the luggage have taken their toll.

Not even takes the place of a half DIN-A4 page for the this device, the weight is absolutely portable with 470 grams. While it is well in hand, two smaller surveys left and right back to the housing offer containing the fingertips.

Something slow, but lots of memory

On the touch screen, however, the fingers have a comparatively heavy game. Moving content requires quite a lot of pressure and too hectic movements lead to unwanted entries. Also the 500-MHz processor and the older 1.6 Android version make the operation time-lag. The latest version of Android (2.2, Froyo) was not yet available at the time. It was released on October 5 and could teach a somewhat faster speed of the Smartpad.

Overall is a good choice for the Smartpad Android: the practical menu design, the simple configurability, as well as affordable and comprehensive extensibility using software in favour of the free operating system. Furs soft tuning set up your own web shop 1 & 1. He offers customized programs where the offer with a for Android Smartphones (still) cannot match the Smartpad.

The display is well lit with around 200 cd / m ² for bright indoor rooms. In the endurance test, we reduced the brightness to connect standard default. Thus the Smartpad ran about five hours – noticeably shorter than the iPad or Android competitors from ARCHOS and HP.

It outperforms most notebook computers, however, in terms of condition. Offers to store the 1 & 1 device 1 gigabyte Flash – this should be more than enough to meet basic needs. Who would like to use large amounts of music files or videos of its Smartpad, can access to the SD(HC)-Speicherkarte or to the USB stick. USB hard drives were unfortunately not in any case, the usual PCs file system NTFS is indigestible for Android.

Adequate equivalent

For the 150 euro credit, which it abandoned at a DSL contract, the Smartpad offers an adequate equivalent. For this and for quick access to Web or E-Mail without elaborate notebook handling concessions in the operation are acceptable.

Now unfortunately, there is a downside: 1 & 1 is the sale of the Smartpad will soon (as in August announced). Then you would change on a different model.