How to Make Fringe Earrings

The accessories most desired by women at the moment are the fringe earrings .

Very strong trend in the 20s and 70s, the fringe earrings are back with everything and have undergone some changes in the models to be with the guy 2015.

Accessories are responsible for letting the feminine look even more complete and charming and earrings with fringes are great to wear in any occasion, whether for a barbecue with friends during the day or a graduation on Saturdays.

These accessories are worked on from curtains and pillows finishes, the “tassel” and jumped decoration area for the fashion world in order to create a more sophisticated and fun look for the next seasons.

The fringes at Wholesaleably are super high in handbags, shoes, belts, blouses and it would be no different with the earrings that match any independent hairstyle face; They can be used with loose hair, buns, braids and ponytails.

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Select Split Air Conditioner 12000

The split air conditioner 12000 BTU may be the best option for your home or office.

If you are looking for an air conditioner, you certainly have heard of splits. They are well known for being appliances economic and silent. The split air conditioner 12000 is one of the most popular options for those who want to cool air in residential rooms with 20m2 and 15 m2 in the case of commercial areas.

Split air conditioning 12000 at home and in the office

The power of the equipment is measured in BTU (Bristish Thermal Unit). To determine what the extent necessary for cooling the space, a calculation is made ​​to relate the area to the amount of BTUs. Some factors also influence this account. They are: incidence of sunlight, the number of people attending the environment, lighting and the amount of electronics in place. Therefore, business rooms need more power, even if the film is similar to a residential room such as a bedroom or living room. If you have questions, learn how to do the calculation.

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What to look for when buying climbing shoes?

For beginners, the search for the right climbing shoe is the proverbial book with seven seals.


What should you look for when buying? What size is the right one? Should be really unforgiving tight climbing shoes and have to do it really really hurt? And what’s with this “bias” to? And then the choice of Velcro and lace-ups… * Phew


We want to try to shed some light in the dark for you.

Let’s start with the different properties of climbing shoes:


The shutter

Based on the CAP there are three different types:

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Take Your Shoes Off Before Entering House

According to Japanese culture, taking off your shoes when entering the house is a form of purification; it means that you are leaving the concerns and problems outside. They call these dirt of spiritual impure energies. But, here in the West where we have a so different culture, do we have to take shoes off before entering the house?

The answer is yes! A survey showed that after two weeks of use, the shoes carry more than 420,000 bacteria, 27% of the micro-organisms are e. Coli, which cause diseases whose complications can be fatal.

If you have children at home, the news is even more worrisome. These microorganisms are transmitted to carpet and tiled floors as well, and this means that everything that comes in contact with the hands, feet and knees of children is taken to the crib at nap time. Have you ever considered about this?

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Learn about Komeco Air Conditioner

Choose air conditioner that best matches your usage profile and ensure their well-being at home or in the workplace.

If you are looking for air conditioning and have researched some models, you are certainly encountering Komeco air conditioning. The national brand offers products modern and cutting edge to ensure the convenience of people who want to thermal comfort.

The online shop has various types of Komeco air conditioning in cold and hot/cold version with the best prices in the market. Just know what the model that best fits your needs, whether for home or commercial areas.

Learn about the types of Komeco air conditioner

Cassette : the apparatus is very quiet because the condenser is located outside the room. Inside is the evaporation and it can be installed either in the ceiling or in the lining. It also has air drivers to design the air to certain areas.

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10 Items to Consider Before Purchasing the Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioning is the most modern style, quiet and with advanced technology that ensures energy saving.

Do you want to know how the split air conditioner works? The equipment works with two units: the evaporator (installed inside the house) and the condenser (outside). Just by having two units, the unit produces less noise. These two parts are interconnected by means of pipes that allow a large distance between the units.

Before you bring home your split air conditioner, know what is essential for the device performance:

1) Evaluate the type of housing. This question is related to the fact that your house is covered with tiles, which heat the room, or slab, type of structure that does not heat the room. Information like this is important to set the machine’s power.

2) Take into consideration the room where you want to install (living room, bedroom or kitchen). This will influence the choice for the amount of appliances in the environment, since these devices heat the site.

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Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

The reverse split air conditioning may be the ideal device for you because it is economical and quiet.

If you want an air conditioner and is in doubt as to the type of equipment, here’s a tip: look fondly for models of reverse cycle split air conditioning. They have a modern technology that can reduce up to 40% of your energy costs, as well as being the most quiet when compared to conventional models.

The split inverter works with two parts: the evaporator installed inside the room, which is responsible for sucking the air space, cool it and return it cold to the site and the condenser, which leads to the external environment the sucked heat the evaporator and then condenses. The unit that produces noise is precisely what is on the outside, so the noise does not bother. Once connected, the compressor keeps its operation in a continuous manner, which operates at low power without shutting down, by adjusting the rotation, avoiding power consumption peaks.

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Crowdfunding Jewels: iPhone-Lensbaby, XY and Epicdock

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with a Lensbaby lens for the iPhone, a chic dock for all smartphones, and a small printer that rolls over the paper.

Creative Focus Lens: Lensbaby for iPhone

DSLR photographers enjoy the Lensbaby lenses of already great popularity. Keep a small focused area with big blurry edges. You can easily change the focused spot due to the flexibility of the lenses. On Kickstarter, the manufacturer now raises money for the first iPhone version of its lenses. For $50, and $15, shipping the Lensbabys come to you home. Pre-orders are possible until May 2, 2014.

Epicdock: Beautiful Put iPhones and Android Smartphones

The EpicDock does not distinguish between iPhones and Android smartphones, but uses the set cell phones only due to its size limits. More than 7.6 cm may not wide his and not thicker than 1.9 cm – including shell, of course. Guide rail for a lightning – or micro-USB cable is available, so you can recharge your Smartphone in the dock.

The material, you have the choice between black or silver aluminum, cherry wood, Maple or walnut. 27 April 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. Equivalent, you pay around 39 euros ($39 and $15 for shipping) for the EpicDock. For additional $10, you can provide the dock with a laser engraving.

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Selfie Mirror Shoots Photos and Tweets Them Directly

An arm’s length distance from the lens: what makes the charm of Selfies is often a problem. The Selfie mirror solves this problem – the built-in camera allows photos from a distance and with an additional angle. The function of Selfie mirror immediately online can make the images on Twitter is practical.

The concept for the Selfie mirror comes by iStrategyLabs, an agency from Washington. The experiment is called S.E.L.F.I.E, which is the abbreviation for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine” with the mirror. The technique of the mirror is at all isn’t rocket science: behind the glass of the mirror a webcam two LED lights are, and a Mac mini.

Mirror Detects Certain People and Photographed Them

On the computer, a face recognition software is stored, so that the Mac can recognize mini certain people and begin the process of photography. The LEDs indicate the user levels through when the picture is taken. The software on the Mac mini provides the photo automatically with a default logo and upload it directly from Twitter.

By the small distance to the camera, the image with a manually launched Selfie is usually relatively No. This proves also the Oscar Selfie by DeGeneres, where thirteen people are closely crowded together. Who needs tips for the Knippsen of the perfect Selfies, you will here find it.

Hologram Technology: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Novel Chip Produces Holograms

Is known right holograms usually only from science fiction films, for example from Star Wars. They could soon become reality. The American company Ostendo has now demonstrated a real hologram. Next year, the hologram technology in mass production could go and find in Smartphone use.

The US company Ostendo has almost ten years and on a chip worked almost unnoticed by the public, produces the holograms and a just such hologram journalists presented by the Wall Street Journal. During the demonstration, two rotating green cube were produced, superbly could see the audience from every angle.

As the technology of the Quantum Photon generator, which produces a hologram works: the chip produced by Ostendo, the “Ostendo quantum Photonic imager” creates three-dimensional and floating freely in the air pictures that all sides consider themselves allow – no reflective mirror used in the technique, as are known from similar holographic process. The chip, which projected the hologram, created nearly a million pixels – equivalent to 5,000 dpi. For comparison: the new smartphone LG G3, which comes on the market soon, has a screen resolution of 534 dpi, which are between 100-200 dpi more than most other premium Smartphones such as iPhone, Xperia or Galaxy S5 – 5,000 dpi are really gigantic. Ostendo wants to even further increase the resolution in the future. The chip about the size of a Tic Tac, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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