Review: Pickup Lyra Kleos

One had to be a prophet to prophesy that soon more Lyra cartridge with an optimised geometry of the generator would follow the sensational Delos. When Lyra developer Jonathan Carr then announced the next model with the name of Kleos (around 2800 euros), the curious stereoplay testers put all the stops to secure a copy for themselves.

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In the world-exclusive test, the editorial staff finally wanted to clarify a very exciting and tricky question: can the newcomer, even though almost half the price, the hotel’s top system – the stereoplay-reference Lyra Titan i – thanks to the development of disputes make the rank?

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Benefits of Train with a Boxing Bag

Boxing is a sport not considered as such by many since it comes from the humbler classes, and their practice has been conducted for a long time underground. In this post we will not stop in this sport, but will simply see the benefits that will provide us the use of a punching bag, Since it is a different way to work our bodies while we ease tensions.

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Types of Cuts of Women’s Underwear

Mature women, it is clear that the covering is a tasteful, non disclosure. Cover and underwear supported not, however, mean giving up femininity and mummoutumista. On the contrary, at this age it is time to give femininity to flourish and bring experience to give self-confidence reflected in everything!

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Swimwear for Men

Men also have the shape of swimwear choices! Of course, the dilemma between swimsuit one piece, bikini and other trikini does not, but swimwear man rays offer forms and varied colors.

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Wedding Cake Sweet Table: Summer Inspiration

Do you feel like at a tea party in the garden? Photographer Désirée Rommel and cake stylist Aleksandra Macedo sent a so cute, beerig colorful styled shoot us, we need to first find enough to eat and show you second.

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Nokia N8 in the Test

Finally, Nokia brings a Smartphone, its user interface is consistently adapted to the operation via touch screen. The N8 is the first model with the revamped Symbian 3 platform.

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It took you: almost four years it’s been that Apple first has been… how to create a Smartphone operating system that optimally to operate touch – now even Nokia with Symbian 3 presented a competitive platform.

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Biker Leather for Celebrities

The best of arrives it autumn? Remove the leather jacket the Cabinet without Grill down the street. In a season where the fluffy coats and long coats become desired items the biker jackets life returning to see between the celebrities. Black, short and lists for any time, although this time We go Street, the party for the weekend.

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Trendy Round Glasses

You’ll understand that this summer, the trend is to round glasses. We see everywhere on the net, on the nose, even Prince has emerged glasses he wore in Purple Rain. In short, we say it takes them to the circle but stuck to the face, it looks difficult to wear. Think again, these models are much more morphologies you might think. Everything you need to adopt the trend round glasses, here it is …

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Gift Idea for Swimmer

You have a passionate friend of swimming and you don’t know what to get him for his birthday or Christmas? Guide-pool offers a few gift ideas that facilitate the lives of swimmers and that adapt to all budgets.

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IP Surveillance Cameras Reviews

The result of crossing of the information age and the increasing need for security gives rise to a new product line that might know a great success in the coming years. While they were once reserved for the professional world because of their price, the IP surveillance cameras tend to democratize. Now it is quite possible to acquire a camera of this type without necessarily sacrificing its budget.

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