B & W P5 Headphones

The P5 (300 Euro) Bowers & Wilkins convinced with balanced sound, and full handsfree functionality for the iPhone.

  1. B & W P5 headphones
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IPod docking stations (Zeppelin) and PC speakers (MM-1) B & W with the P5 ventures out again into a new market segment. And the Englishman will take also this storm. Because the P5 offers the same triple cause for rejoicing demanding outdoor enthusiasts.

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Beyerdynamic T50 P

Even volume limited iPods can play up loosely with the efficiency of strong Beyerdynamic T50, P (250 euros), which showed the listener in the practice test. Who also like to loudly turns on, is determined with the very level fixed T50 P having his fun.

  1. Beyerdynamic T50 P
  2. Data sheet

The T50p (T like Tesla, p how portable) is striking, yes almost been uncompromisingly different. Not only on the outside, with its frame made of Matt stainless steel and the aluminum cap n. Vile plastic is reflected only in the black handset shells.

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HTC 7 Mozart in the Test

Why the 520 euro HTC 7 fun Mozart and can meet the expectations, but not quite.

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Deutsche Telekom offers exclusively for 520 euros the HTC 7 Mozart, correspondingly high are the expectations. But a new operating system carries the risk that cuts must be made in the one or the other feature of course. That was number 1, which lagged behind in the connect-laboratory test behind the claims stirred by the joy of the operation when the first iPhone and Android Smartphone.

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HTC HD7 in the Test

The HD7 is HTC’s largest Windows-phone-7 Smartphone. Is it also the best representatives of the new operating system?

With 162 grams, the HTC HD7 is not only the worst Smartphone with Windows phone 7 operating system, it is also the widest distance copy of this genus with 68 mm in the horizontal plane.

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Headphones AKG K 370

The AKG K 370 (100 euro) made with less (upper) bass effect provided than the Klipsch model, with its rhythmic vitality already good and more expensive listeners competition

  1. Headphones AKG K 370
  2. Data sheet

Also the Austrian headphones specialist AKG white to the growing demand for good headphones with hands-free option. Accordingly, serious offer by 100 euros to all the K 370 is iPhone and BlackBerry owners.

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Headphones Monster Mobile Jamz

The monster Mobile Jamz feels most comfortable on the dance, pop or hip-hop parquet. Silent piano concertos, however, are not his strength.

  1. Headphones monster Mobile Jamz
  2. Data sheet

In addition to the monstrous headphone models with celebrity flair (“beats by Dr. Dre”), which are now on many teenage head, Monster leads also smoother in-ear models. For the avid cell phone users, for example, the “mobile Jamz”. Its microphone and remote control can be used thanks to three enclosed adapter on mobile phones beyond the 3.5 mm standard interface of the iPhone and BlackBerry.

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Earphones Phonak Audeo PFE 122

With each filter of Phonak Audeo PFE 122 (150 euro) sounded full of detail, neutral and pleasant – alive

  1. Earphones Phonak Audeo PFE 122
  2. Data sheet

The PFE stands among this audience for “perfect fit earphones”. And the developers of Phonak properly serious. The hearing instrument manufacturer indicates the in-ears not only on the vitally important seat in the ear canal.

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Headphones Sleek Audio SA-6

With the sleek audio SA-6 (200 euros) and accompanying accessories you can tinker to your heart’s content on the individual frequency response.

  1. Headphones sleek audio SA-6
  2. Data sheet

Model car hobbyists and ship builders beware: this in-ear earphone has it in the truest sense in itself. With a whole set of filter modules for treble and bass, each in the ‘Minus’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Neutral’ strengths (an “extended high frequency” filter there as a little extra), you can tinker to your heart’s content on the individual frequency response.

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HTC 7 Trophy Test

With a compact processed, robust body and a nice big screen, the HTC 7 trophy complements the range of Windows phone 7 smartphones.

  1. HTC 7 trophy test
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HTC 7 trophy

To the launch of Windows phone 7, HTC has presented three models for the German market, received exclusive rights to the HTC 7 trophy here on Vodafone. The housing is typical of HTC properly processed. All components fit together clean, and although the mantle consists of assembled parts, he gives the impression of a closed unit thanks to the well-tuned transitions.

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LG C300 in the Practice Test

The LG C300 with typewriter keyboard and a fight price of 120 euros are social networks and messaging in the foreground.

The LG C300 surnamed town depends solely on the basis of the cheap price on a young Publkum, and is visually designed, available in several colours and pants pocket-friendly flat.

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